Dropping things!

I have been dropping things lately. It was only occasional, but has now become constant. I can't keep a hold of anything! I was wondering if anyone has experienced this with Lupus? I did a little research on the symptom and MS is what comes up. Most of my symptoms are Lupus related, but here lately I have been experiencing things that relate to MS. I know these 2 run close together and a lot of people are misdiagnosed with one or the other. I am going to the doctor on 10/7, but was just looking to ease my mind a bit.

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Omg. . I thought I was the only one with a case of the clumsys I am always dropping something and my daughter is always teasing me about it

Yes, I have but I don't think it is related to Lupus. I drop things all the time. I think it has something to do with your grip strength.

I do that too. It was worse when my Raynaulds was acting up. Now my joints in my hands are stiff and when I think I am applying enough pressure to pick up something, I end up dropping it.

My neurologist explained that ‘immune complexes’ are formed after our system attacks our own cells. These complexes travel round the body and fan cause numbness. This might occur in your fingers and be responsible for the lack of grip due to diminished sensation. It happens a lit to me. I also get numb patches all over my body and face. It sometimes feels like pieces of me are missing. Bizzarre!

Can cause numbness I mean.

I have peripheral neuropathy or small fiber neuropathy and the dropping things definitely goes along with that for me.

Thank you for all the responses! I keep feeling like I am losing ALL my strength. I used to be a really strong person and I am having a lot of difficulty accepting myself the way it is now. I am having so many symptoms and it seems new ones come everyday. I find it to be very frustrating and overwhelming most days.

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My daughter teases me too. She will say "Are you having a clumsy day?"

Tootiesnax said:

Omg. . I thought I was the only one with a case of the clumsys I am always dropping something and my daughter is always teasing me about it

Yes I'm dropping these and my balance is horrendous. I don't know if it is related to the Lupus or not but I wasn't having these problems before. I'm just glad to know it's not all in my head and someone else is experiencing this too. I get numbness on the left side of my body when sleeping and lately my legs feel like logs when waking up. I don't know what's going on anymore

Sorry that it happens, but glad to hear it's not just me! For me, it seems like I just let go of things. I mean I don't think "let go" or feel myself letting go, but that's what seems to happen. I just can't seem to hold on to stuff and some days are a lot worse than others.

Hi Creekbank,

The doctor mostly likely will request an MRI of your brain to look for evidence of MS there. Then if it shows up, aka "MS Plaques" she will refer you to a neurologist. The neurologist is the one who can rule MS in or out for you. Unfortunately this takes time and can be a lengthily process. Several tests are used after the MRI. Its not a cut and dry diagnoses.

Lupus is often called the "Great Imitator" and acts like several other immune disorders. Also, Immune disorders often come in multiples, and most people are not sure who your "immune groupies" are or how they will change with age.

I have been dropping things, had spasms/muscles tremors, and basically 9 out of 10 MS symptoms on the list for years. Its freaked me out so much I was causing my Lupus to flare and hurting myself with the stress. I use arthritis gloves to help with the dropping stuff, not sure how it helps, but it works for me. Good Luck.

I drop things, especially drinking glasses, they just slip through my hands. I have been at a restaurant, and a waitress handed me my plate and I almost dropped it. My grip has really weakened.

I do it too. It can be a lupus related neuropathy, but it also can be a symptom of a spinal issue with your neck. Have you ever had any neck or back problems? My neuro is about to do a nerve conduction study of my hands to see if he can isolate the cause any further. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome, and I believe he said CTS can cause the loss of hand dexterity if the nerves to the hand are being compressed or impinged.

So I guess what I’m saying is dont assume it is from the lupus, and definitely don’t self-diagnose MS (that’s a hard one even for the drs. to pin down!) - get to your dr. -and hopefully get a referral to a neurologist if at all possible - and find out what’s really going on. My philosophy is always “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”: you can drive yourself crazy looking up symptoms on the net and worrying. Prior to my lupus diagnosis, I convinced myself I had some kind of blood cancer or leukemia because of one rather dramatic symptom I had! It made lupus seem like not such a bad thing, all in all! :wink:

I drop things, I dropped my lunch in the middle of my office building. My 55 story huge office building at lunch time which splattered everywhere. I had to try to scoop it back up until help came to clean it up. It happens. Sometea worse than others. My neurologist says it is all part of my lupus brain extravaganza. I had MRIs, spinal tap, CT scans all came back normal. But he can see my left side is numb and the right side is fine. The brain spect showed damage but that isn’t a sign of dropping things it just confirms lupus. Just make sure you see a great neurologist like I do that will take the time to explain things and read things with you. And dropping things happen I just make sure to carry a bag instead of too many things in the lobby :slight_smile: or ask someone to carry it for me hehhe.

I drop things all of the time, too, and have SLE Lupus. It is really frustating and I think it is due to my sore fingers and hands.

Thank you for sharing all your experiences with me. I feel very blessed to have this community of people for support.

Looking back I have had Auto-Immune issues for years. I almost feel like I have slipped through the medical cracks. I have had no MRI's, CT Scans, or any imaging other than x-rays of joints. My symptoms have been constant for about a year now. I have suffered from Migraines for years. My family doc blamed them on stress and anxiety, but I know it's more than that. I have been to 2 Rheum's and they both seem to ignore most of the symptoms I tell them. One said "Well, your too young to have that kind of joint pain!" I was floored! Needless to say, I had to search for a new doc. I am now on my way to a third one. I am hopeful the new one will be open to listening to ALL my symptoms. I have all the symptoms of Lupus, even the heart, lung, and kidney inflammation issues. I also have a lot of the symptoms of MS. Feel very overwhelmed!



My hands are very slick and no moisture/sweat glands from thin skin caused by the prednisone and all the autoimmune stuff going on with me. I drop quite a bit of stuff. So I figure out ways to make me pay attention to what I'm carrying. For instance, if I have a cup of liquid, hot or cold, I walk short distances and rest it from surface to surface.

My two cents.

You have to hold on.

I do that, but I have been a little clumsy for most of my life. I do think that it has to do with grip strength and possibly loss of feeling, though (more recently). I don't know if it so much a symptom, as it is a long-term effect of the disease.

i have that all the time. For me, it is hand, finger, wrist joint pain and loss of contol of my grip. My hands get so inflammed, that I get trigger fingers…and have had cortisone shots in my hands…I have read that carpal tunnel, hand, wrist and those types o fissues are lupus related. I also have had issues with coordination, balance and tripping…which I thinks is related to the stiffness, and loss of agility…also lupus related. I hope your hands get better. It is extremely frustrating. My rheumetologist gave me the cortisone shots, and piroxicam…and said to use ice to reduce swelling and inflammation in fingers…oh…and stop using my hands…hahahahaha! She agreed with me that is was sort of impossible to do, but I do a lot of my work on computer…which also aggravates it…so i tape my fingers up sometimes to force myself to reduce the use…and my dr said to try using voice activated computer software some to save my hands. I have used it some, but the voice activated computer work takes a lot of practice. Best wishes to you. Sarah