Weird Rashes

I just added two pictures of the "sores" i've experienced. If anyone with rash experience reconizes them please let me know! I figured I'de take the pictures to show the rhuemy. In both of these, they just appeared... no injury. They do not hurt, itch, burn or anything.... they are just there.

They eyebrow one started today, the other is from a few months ago.

957-photo.JPG (505 KB) 958-photo2.JPG (929 KB)

Oh… Should have also mentioned…I don’t wax my eyebrows (well haven’t since Sept.) I’m a plucker!

Also the eyebrow thing is smooth… Looks A little scaly in the picture but you can’t feel it when you run your finger over it. Appears to be under the skin. The other one was the same but before scrubbing it (when I thought it was dirt) it wasn’t as red…almost a brown color.

I have spota like that on my cheeks. they come and go. It looks like someone punched me in the face lol. I have been having really bad rashes all over my body!!! Little blisters that come up and get very inflames and itch like hell. Then they turn into little sores.... but it looks nothing like this. Just show them to your dr and see what she sais. See I know what things feel like I know what I do to help them, but I am not a Dr and I dont wanna give anyone bad informations. Just make sure u monitor everything and speak to your Dr. dont be afraid to bugg the crap out of him/her. I do it all the time. It does no good for me, but it makes me feel better. I went to the ER about my rash 2 weeks ago and it just would not get better or anything so I called her 10 days ago to see if she wants to see me. I see her tomorrow.... my Dr is worthless. I hate to say it, but i just see her to get my meds refilled. She never does anything for me other then tell me to take more steorides. I have been on them for 8 month now and everytime I get off them my symptoms come back 10 folde.... so she puts me back on them instead of trying something new.... h boy I am putting my soapbox away now. LOL anyways keep on your doctor about everything. thats the only way she can paint herself a good picture of your lupus