First time with a weird skin thing... Thoughts?

I woke up this morning and noticed a bright red oval patch along my jaw line. It was smooth and did not hurt at all. Since I did not bang or otherwise injure my face I thought maybe I had dirt or something on it (I don’t normally go to bed with a dirty face but my mind wasn’t functioning clearly because I had only just woke up!). Anyways thinking it was dirt I grabbed a face cloth lathered it up and scrubbed. Well the skin peeled off (like a sunburn) and now I have this weird raw sore on my face. I have not had many skin problems so am wondering if this is a lupus thing? I know it’s not an ITP thing because those dump mass amounts of blood really quickly and then stop just as quickly. I took a picture after I scrubbed it. I’ve never had one like this before. It’s smooth, not scaly at all. Anyone had this before?

I only have the one…it’s just a weird type for me. I have never had any skin involvement which is one reason they don’t want to dx. Maybe this is nothing… It’s just weird and in an odd spot. We’ll see how it is tomorrow I guess. =)

Ann A. said:

Never had just one. My skin stuff both the discoid and the nondiscoid always come more than one at a time. But you know me, I’d be trying to make up my mind if I should put neosporin or topical cortisone on it while getting in the car to go to the immediate care center.

It still looks the same today. Hubby said it looks like a burn but it doesn’t hurt at all. I’m a bit flakey at times but I’m pretty sure I would remember burning my face on something. It’s a little warm to the touch but is basically the same as yesterday. With lupus rashes, they take a long time to heal right? So if two or three weeks from now this is still the same… That’s when I should worry?

Ann A. said:

Ok Good luck. I hope that it is not skin involvement. My face has been scarred for more than 40 years. Most of the time I forget about and then some little kid will ask, “How did you get boo boo?” I love it because I can deal with their greatest fear which is can they catch it from me. Then I realize that adults have been wondering the same thing but lack the child’s ability to just ask. One of my friends told me that people make all kinds of speculations behind me back. So, no skin involvement for and especially nothing that scars. I decided a long time ago that Seal is the only person whose lupus scars make more kinda sexy.