Night time aches and pains

Does anybody else have problems just trying to turn over in the bed during the night ?

I wake up in pain and struggle to just change positions and turn over.....right now I am having a lot of pain at night in my hips and right shoulder.......and this makes for a difficult time in turning from one side to the other. I do get a hold of the hem of my sleep shirt or gown and use it to pull and it helps to move my hips to help me turn over , but I need other ideas.

Any helpful hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Have you tried to sleep upright in a recliner or propped up on pillows? My doc put me on Trazadone years ago to help me get at least a solid six hours of uninterrupted sleep which really helps me deal with the daytime pain. Something I discovered over the summer was that what I thought was hip pain was actually referred pain from a bad disc and inflammation in my SI joint. You might want to make sure that it’s actually hip pain. I had the disc injected and my hip pain is gone. Just a suggestion. Good luck I hope you get relief soon.

I take a solid dose of an NSAID at bedtime- helps decrease the pain I have also used the recliner for sleep- it helps too

One thing that I do is to sleep with a pillow between my knees because it takes the pressure off my hips. I have also put and extra sheet on the bed tucked into the other side of the bed and pulled on it to help turn over. Do you take Vitamin D? Most of us with Lupus are deficient in that vitamin and others. I sleep on one side until it hurts enough to wake me up and then I roll over to the other side until it hurts enough to wake me up and it is a continuous cycle.

This happens to me when I'm in a flare - I take Tylenol PM and 2 aspirin before bed to help. If its really bad and wakes me up during the night, I'll take two more Tylenol PM and 2 more aspirin.

Oh! The most important thing I did was to invest in a Tempur-pedic mattress. Its absolutely amazing at relieving the aches and pains of sleeping!

I could have wrote that! I do the same things. I have found that Melatonin helps too.

I sleep with a pillow in between my knees. Even if I take an ambien I will wake and turn to the other side when one starts to hurt. I do have spinal problems too and bursitis in the hips. I also have a thick gel topper on my bed and that helps.

THANK YOU all so very much for your replies and suggestions................I have slept with a pillow between my knees for several years now, but I think I might need to find a thicker , smaller pillow instead of the regular pillow I use......something like a double thick travel pillow would be about right........I might have to make me one.................I have been thinking that I just might have to give in and start sleeping in the recliner too ............

I am praying that THIS TOO SHALL PASS...........and soon

Thank you all again and BLESSINGS to you :)

I often have the same problem. When told my rheumy about it, he just said its probably the fibro. Huh? I'm really hurting here. Yes I have fibro and Lupus and other AI problems, but still... I try and eat a snack before bed and take Ibprofen. It does seem to help some. I also use Salonpas on my hips and elbows and sometimes my knees. Im not suppose to use Ibprofen because I have APS with the lupus. I get desparate sometimes. Its mostly my left shoulder and my hips though. I wonder if I sleep too long on one side. I try and wake up just to turn myself over. It's crazy. I've had to yell for my son to help me up but that hasn't happen for a while. But I stuggle every night and morning with this problem. Try taking tylenol or something before bedti e. Feel Better.

Lol!! It is hard at time’s for me also! But sleeping like this for now 4years , that’s how long I have had Lupus, it is just something that you have learn to cope with smile Please don’t take this to heart but it happens …Beverly L.

Try sleeping in a comfortable recliner. The position in a recliner helps me greatly when I have back pain. There is no rolling around, which can trigger the outburst of pain. I can normally get a decent night's sleep this way, believe it or not.

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I cut out all meats other then salmon and that seemed to really help decrease the inflammation I had at night. Hope this helps

girl i got the same problem and it is a viscous cycle. I try not to sleep on my side rather on my stomach kinda sideways. When I end up om my sides the pain from my hips wakes me up. Im going to get me a new pillow on Tuesday to see if that would help me