Wake up call!

The other night I woke up out of a dead sleep with such horrible hip knee and ankle pain they felt like they were gonna EXPLODE!!! It was the first time I have ever had that happen to me and thank god my fiancé was by my side he rubbed my joints and it helped for a little while till it started all over again ugh!!! I give him an A for effort though lol!!

Hi Nicole,

Have you talked to your doctor about this? Do you have pain in these areas during the day? I wake up due to hip and shoulder pain on the side I'm sleeping on. Nothing as severe as what you experienced though..


I have the same issues as Trisha. I wake up with pain (esp. My hip) on which ever side I have been sleeping but not as severe as you described. Sometimes I have to get up and walk it off before I can get comfortable again . But I don’t sleep much anyway. Just make sure your leg is warm and pink…

I too have a lot of hip pain at night on the side I sleep on. Nice to know I am not unique:)

I have pain on both sides. Had a Tempurpedic mattress and had to get a Sleep number to reduce pressure points. That helped. I get injections in my hips, that helps too!

So sorry to hear you deal with this too- sleeping on a heating pad helps most nights and I also sleep w/ a pillow between my legs- I am on some muscle meds, but I think eating a banana a day helps more w/ my muscle pain than anything else! If possible, try something w/ some potassium the next time (along w/ heat and massage!). I sympathize with you!

I was having such horrific pain at night that I couldn't turn over in my sleep. I have a memory foam mattress which I just love. Trying to turn would wake me up. So, I just stayed in one position all night and payed for it when I got up in the morning.

I am in the pain management program now.

  1. My physical therapist told me to roll to my side and sit up in one motion when getting out of bed in the morning. Voila, I don't have getting up pains.
  2. The doc has me take one oxycodone each night at bedtime.
  3. I have no problem turning over at night which helps with the morning stiffness too.

I don’t go back to my rhumatologist until November 18th ugh!! I am very medication sensitive so I have to be very careful as to what I take. Pain meds usually have the adverse effects on me so I try to stay away from them since I have a hard enough time sleeping as is. I have 600mg Motrin and it helps sometimes but not others just depends. I also suffer from sever migraines that get very bad when I’m in a flare : ( I can go 3 days straight with one. My mom has asked how do I even function when I get them like that the only thing I can tell her is I’m so use to it that I just kinda deal with it. Kinda hard to stop and lay down when u got 2 girls that depend on you. My oldest daughter has ADHD and needs constant guidence and help specialy with school work so how do I even have time to deal with a migraine or the constant pain I’m in!!

Oh boy!, that pain is sooooo bad and I sometimes have this problem about 2-3days in a week! My doctor has referred me to a doctor that specialize in this, almost 1year having this and trying to say sane has come to the end, it hurt so bad-I have been sleeping with my heating pad (which is the 2nd one), it works for a moment then it is back to the drawing board!! Nothing works , Pian pills I don’t take often, they only put me to sleep and the pain is Evernote worst when I wake up and start moving around. So this has to be taken care of soon , said to my doctor or I got to move in with him so he can fix the pain when it happens , we both laughed!! People just don’t understand , what goes on with Living with Lupus. Hope soon you will be able to feel better…Beverly L.