Leg Tremors

I got up from my bed Saturday morning, and my legs were shaking uncontrollable, and it has not stop. I have had one leg to do it every now and then, but this time it was both of them. It is so bad that I need help to get around, because the legs are so wobbly. Soooo is this something that goes with the Lupus?

Has anyone else experienced this, and could you shed some lite on what I should do. I go to therapy on Friday, I thought that I would just wait and talk to them, I do have pain in the legs on and off.

This isn't normal, Fighter, even with lupus. I know than magnesium and/or tonic water help restless leg syndrome or any muscle tics and spasms, but this sounds like much more... like lupus is temporarily affecting your central nervous system with inflammation or something. Are you still having that?

Dear fighter,

I am not a full lupus dx, so Sheila is your expert so far. I do know that with the Psoriatic Arthritis, Spondylitis type, that when my SI joints stiffen up after lying or sitting or riding in a car, sometimes I shake all over. I have to stay in bed and move, loosen up those joints so my legs will hold up my body. Mornings are very rough starts for me, but I think you may have something else happening than this.

Please call your Doctor, let them help you. Please.