Just wondering if anyone else has tremors with their Lupus? I have had tremors in my head for 14yrs now. Just wondering if this might be a neurological effect of Lupus.

I had been told I had a tremor by a rheumatologist that I first went to. I thought he was judging it by the fact that my hand were shaking so bad. Right after a huge flare I had before I was diagnosed with SLE, my balance was off, I had horrible headaches and my arms were making a jerking motion when I tried to steady them. Its very hard to explain but embarrassing when it occurs in front of someone else. I don't know if this is the same thing you are referring to. I believe the Lupus was attacking my central nervous system at the time. My hands still tremble to the point where many people mention it to me but I don't even notice until it is brought to my attention. Im glad you brought this up because we really don't know what the Lupus is causing all the time, I think many of us have become accustomed to many of the symptoms and don't even realize that its not normal.

Thank you jazzydiamond6. Was diagnosed 2 months ago with SLE amongst many others through the years…(fibro, cds, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, IBS, tremors, etc) Reading how Lupus can effect our nervous system…thought maybe just maybe that would answer a 14yr.long question. I believe I have had Lupus since I was young, but just has come full blown over the past year to explain and dx me. I felt like I was one card short of a full deck!! Haha! If healthy people only knew…

Lol, I think that is one of the hardest things about this disease....people don't think you look sick so they place high expectations on you. So many days Ive said how bad I am feeling and it has been completely ignored. I remember having very bad arthritis type pain as a teenager and extreme fatigue ( I slept so much that my mother sat me down and asked me if I was doing drugs!). When I told my mother about the pain she giggled and said your too young for arthritis, those are just growing pains. Ive always tanned easy, but as long as I can remember, I have felt very bad after being in the sun (once again I was told that fresh air, and being outside in the sun will make you tired). The first REALLY bad flare I got was due to the sun, I had the rashes, headache, flu like symptoms....well you know all to well unfortunately. I believe this is when my lupus became full blown. I have had different symptoms throughout the years especially when pregnant, but now I can not believe how my body is turning on me. My doctor doesn't like keeping me on prednisone, and even though I hate the side effects, I want to be on it because I feel so much better . My lupus became full blown 2yrs ago but it took a year to diagnose. So Ive been on medications for a year. In January I was admitted to the hospital because it was causing severe anemia. I ended up getting 7 blood transfusions and once released from the hospital for 10 weeks I had to get an IV of iron two times a week. Im just so tired of being tired.