Deterioration of ligaments

My ligaments are deteriating. I just had a total knee replacement, my ligaments on my fingers and toes have slipped off their joints, and now the ligaments around my teeth are pulling away from their roots causing my teeth to get loose. I already had to have one tooth pulled because it cracked In half. I have always had good teeth. I have been very distress about the whole situation especially abouty teeth. I don’t want to loose them. Is anyone having this problem? My dentist has got me wearing a mouth piece at night so I don’t grit my teeth. My teeth ache because they are loose.

Hi Kim, I have not had loose teeth, but I am experiencing very bad gumline cavities, for some reason they seem to all be getting like that, and I do take good care of my teeth, but I have had these very annoying issues, esp. since we all know dental is not cheap! It does hurt and they are very sensitive! They are big big bills, for the smallest things.

When it comes to the ligaments, I believe my knees are now affected by that kind of problem. They swell all around the knee, even on both sides above & below the knee cap. I do have iisues which I had corrective surgery for in one knee 4 1/2 yrs. ago, my kneecaps dislocate, they are up to high and do tend to "slip" away, the one that they did the surgery on has more arthritis in it than the other? Go figure, right?! My hands,wrists,ankles,feet really hurt from arthritis and pain and swelling, when I am on my feet all day my toes and feet and legs ache so bad ! I get wiped out too fast....So aggravating, I really do feel for you, you do seem to be going through many hard things all at once, but that seems to be the case with this disease unfortunatley, everyday, a new symptom is bound to occur :(! I understand your frustrations, just rest those knees, do what the docs say, and try to stay as strong in both your body and mind! I am here whenever you need to chat! {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)


I lost my teeth at 23, I lost my ankle at 50, thank God I still have a leg. I used to gargle with hydrogen peroxide and that would help the sorry you hurt.