Teeth Issues

Hi all.. I hope everyone is doing great!!! I was wondering if anyone knows if teeth issues are a part of our Lupus.. I'm sitting here at my desk and all of a sudden my dang filling just fell right out of my mouth.. I'm not in any intense pain but I feel that something isn't right over in that area.. I can't really afford to go to the dentist right now, so I just don't know what to do at this point.. Any ideas or suggestions or is this all together has nothing to do with Lupus?

Hi Torie! I’m so glad you brought this up, because I was just getting ready to post my own discussion about Lupus and oral health issues. Last week my gums started swelling and bleeding for no reason. The swelling comes and goes throughout the day/week, but every day when I brush my teeth now there is all this blood from my gums. Does anyone else have this issue? Methtrexate/plaquenil/prednizone…could cause this or does lupus cause problems with our teeth and gums? If you hear anything Torie please let us know. Thanks.

I am glad you brought this topic up as I have been wondering the same thing. I have had 7 crowns fall off, some only a few years old. This happened all within 6 months. I suspect calcium loss from the teeth broke the seal between the crown and the tooth stump?

I did manage to get into my dentist of the past 15 years and he said he was afraid I was too frail now for him to do the necessary root canals and extractions. He recommended going to an oral surgeon but that is just too expensive for me.

I was diagnosed as having lupus 3 years ago. I am also very curious if calcium loss from the teeth is a part of this disease?

Okay gang, this isa really starting to concern me! My dentist says well ur gums are part of ur autoimmune system so ur need to talk to ur rhuemy, but my rhuemy is like pfft, nope no biggie, never heard that.

Hi you all, I have lost 6 of my theet in the last couple of years, I tought it was due to my Sjogren’s syndrome (lupus, fibromialgya, hypotiroidysm, and who knows what else) :slight_smile: . Since I was a little child I spent my life at the dentist office but now it is so weird, I am losing all of my theet, I can be eating something and they just fall apart in pieces, I feel very sad and discouraged.

I have the same problem! As well as cavities every time I go in. I brush and floss twice a day, but it does not seem to make a difference. Last time, I just had them pull the tooth because I could not afford another root canal. The not so funny thing was, after they pulled it they did X-rays and told me I had two others that needed root canals. I have always had sensitive teeth, but this is ridiculous!

A friend of mine told me that her husbands cousin has lupus and has recently been losing her teeth?!?!
My rheumy gave me a pamphlet on sjogrens and apparently that can really cause issues with oral hygiene.
I have had terrible teeth problems for about the last 10 years…just thought I had bad luck but maybe not??
My teeth always hurt and I have had 9 root canals and still need yet another!! Who knows, hope you all find some answers and relief very soon!!!

I have been wondering this for years! Thank you so much for bringing it up. My teeth are horrible. I have lost almost all of them in the last 5 years. There has to be a connection.

Funny you have posted this issue! I just brought this problem up with my dentist last week about how bad my teeth are and wanted to know if it had to do with the lupus! He told me it had to do more with the sjogren’s and to use biotine!


It is an issue…doctors and dentists do not help support our community…most of us are on disability…they all suggest pulling teeth…no more infections…we xant afford 2000 a tooth for root canal…we need to start a petition to get better help…like a new medication…

Hello everyone, I had to have all of mine pulled a couple of years ago, the doctor said because of the sorjgens syndrome and the fact that my mouth didn't produce enough saliva it cause bacteria to produce and makes your gums pull away from your teeth, but I don't know if lupus itself has anything to do with the problem

Oh folks I’m so embarrassed about this too . I have. Had bleeding gums and loss of teeth etc but until now didn’t put it down to the Luous but noemi beginning to wonder if this applies in my case .i have always had a fear of the dentist but now I’m really scared . I’m lucky in the respect that my husband is very supportive I couldn’t wish for better but I want to look good for him as we’ll as for my own self esteem which I must say is very low at the moment lol sorry just having a moan feel yuk today Martha

You are certainly not alone. I experience the same swelling and bleeding for no reason - comes and goes. My dentist recommends using a rubber pick to masage my gums daily, even if it hurts and bleeds. I rinse with salt water couple of times per day. This helps somewhat. I am scheduled to start on Methotrexate soon and also wonder if this drug will make my oral problems worse. The bottom line is that no one seems to know much about lupus and dental problems. Where can we get good information? Wish I knew.

Heather Lost Lupie said:

Hi Torie! I'm so glad you brought this up, because I was just getting ready to post my own discussion about Lupus and oral health issues. Last week my gums started swelling and bleeding for no reason. The swelling comes and goes throughout the day/week, but every day when I brush my teeth now there is all this blood from my gums. Does anyone else have this issue? Methtrexate/plaquenil/prednizone...could cause this or does lupus cause problems with our teeth and gums? If you hear anything Torie please let us know. Thanks.

Thanks everyone for the replies.. Everytime I tell someone about a symptom that I"m having and associating it with Lupus they always say "Don't claim it"... I think some folks think i'm just plum crazy... It's very good being a part of a community that understands you and have either gone thru or is going thru what you are going thru.. It's hard sharing with people who don't know our pain and I don't know how I would manage this crazy thing without you all.. I am truly thankful and appreciated everyone in here!!!!

I need to get to the dentist soon but was a little discouraged with my insurance telling me they would only pay 80% after I pay a 50 deductible, smh.. I thought insurance would do so much more

Ok. So with this disease and various medications, comes dry mouth. This causes rapid tooth decay. I had 7 fillings and a root canal and crown when I was 25. It’s been 11 years now and I just had two teeth extracted, have at least 5 cavaties and need another crown and root canal. My insurance covers some but not all the work I need. I can afford the major stuff. It is actually cheaper for me to save up and.buy snap on smiles. I shopped around and found it fairly cheap, well for what it is. The only problem is you can only eat soft foods with it. I forgot to mention, I have lost or had to have 8 teeth removed sadly. All back thank God.
If you have metal fillings, they can fracture or wear over time. Any tiny lift can expose your tooth and cause further decay. Resin is the best way to go and is usually about 10 to 20 dollars extra per filling. I know that is hard for most anyone but if you can spring it, do it for yourself. It also is naturally looking so the metal doesn’t make your tooth look gray or black.

There is a wonderful medicine you can ask your doctor to prescribe called Pilocarpine. All it does is help create saliva. It is more affective than anything over the counter and has slowed the decay. Also, there are temporary filling kits that can be bought from drug stores and grocery stores. It really helps when you can’t get immediate help. Rinse or gargle with over the counter peroxide. It doesn’t taste that great but will help.with gum bleeding. I also swear by Crest Pro Health. It is wonderful if you have sensitive teeth and helps with a lot of different mouth issues.

If you drink soft drinks, they can actually rob you of calcium. I know all this stinks, especially when we have enough to overcome but there are measures you can take to prolong the health and life of your teeth. Hope this helps. Stay blessed.

PS: If you ever have a tooth extracted and get dry socket, there is something called red cross kit that you can buy over the counter that works wonders for this. Dry socket is when the clot comes out and your jaw none is exposed. It is excruciating and horrible pain. Good luck.

Yes dental issues are happening with me. Had four teeth pulled last year. Recent Root Canal, at a cost of $2000.00. I felt it was from Sjorgens but it could also be Lupus. I have bleeding gums when I am on higher doses of Prednisone.

Teeth problems - oh yeah! And I cannot afford to go to a dentist...

Please ladies and gents, I know I wrote a lot but it’s worth reading. Good luck.

Hi, yes this also part of Lupus!! Believe it-smile I have had to get two molars pulled. You know , this Lupus stuff is crazieeeee, LOL!! So much goes on with this-am tired of all the changes that comes with this. Hope that everything get better for you…Beverly L.

This is such a great discussion, and great information. I have a toothache as we speak. It happens whenever I’m flared and usually I cut back on all sugar and coke and cross my fingers it will settle. But I’ve had two root canals and 3 temporary caps where my teeth crumbled. I floss and brush daily cause I don’t want to lose my teeth if I can help it. Nice to know everyone understands…