Autoimmune Gastritis?

Apparently this is a real condition I’ve never heard of and that my GI Dr believes I have after my endoscopy today… it breaks down and destroys the stomach tissue as opposed to just inflammation. He’s basing this on how thin and fragile my tissue is but I’ll know for sure when the biopsy comes back… Anyone else living with autoimmune gastritis??

Hi, I was wondering what your symptoms were? I know a lot of doctors are not knowledgeable about Gastroparesis, but it is very common to get with auto- immunes and/ or diabetes . There are distinct symptoms, you should look up. I have it and have since 2008, if you have any questions, let me know!

Hello friends:)well my main symtoms are chronic nausea, vomiting bile anytime(sometimes with bright red blood in it) pain amd pressure in the upper stomach and the findings during the endoscopy… my tissue in most of my upper stomach is extremely thin causing it to tear. I had my gallbladder removed may 9th because of severe pain under my right rib apparently caused by gallstones. Since then the nausea/vomiting symtoms are half as frequent but are still very present:/ im very fortunate to have a very intelligent, kind and interested GI Dr … a few months ago an abdominal CT scan showed 7 have a cyst on the head of my pancreas and im really getting concerned that most of my issues stem from that. I have a follow up scan for it in September to monitor any changes. I don’t take prednisone, ibuprofen, or mobic on a regular basis , my dr said these are the drugs that would have done the most damage to my stomach. Now anytime I have prednisone it’s as a pre med intravenously or a super high dose injected. I’ve always needed high dose immunosuppressives med to even make a dent in my disease activity. Dr said even though though these types of medications are hard on the stomach they don’t cause gastritis. I always take my priloce and carafe to protect but if I had AG then I guess it’s a matter of controlling my underlying diseases…no luck yet:/ on top of all this my hematologist and I have to figure out why im so anemic with very low absolute lymphocytes. I definitely feel like ive gone from “serious” condition as my rheumatologist says to teetering in critical if we can’t stop all my organ involvement. Hopefully I’ll have more news /information tomorrow from my appointments with the hematologist and rheumatologist!!!xo

Prayers—and good luck to you!

I am going to get checked for this on Friday. I have persistent nausea and either diarrhea or constipation. It’s usually diarrhea though. It’s also a bright yellow color which has my Rheumy concerned. I’m not sure what more the GI doc can do. I just hope it’s not to increase my steroids as I am trying to come off of them. I’m down from 60mg. to 6mg. I got osteoporosis from them among other side effects and just want off. The GI issues are frustrating though! I will keep you in my prayers!

Thanks Ann! I may have had it. I had a tumor on my thyroid so they removed it. I could have had it because my issues had already started back then but was not diagnosed yet. The diagnoses I have so far are RA , Lupus, CNS Vasculitis, osteoporosis and CIDP. It’s a mess
So I need all the prayers I can get. I pray for everyone on these sites and will pray specifically for you too! Hugs! Tina

Hi Ann A :) I did get 1 more the size of a almond on my left shin several days after the " clot " post but haven't had any since yaaay! Think it took about a week 10 days for my plavix to do its job.. im definitely interested to hear what my hematologist thinks is going on tomorrow... Thankfully she can very easily consult with my rheumatologist and see my entire disease history in the same building. I have lots of faith in her , she also an oncologist and deals with lots of rare, complicated and just plain weird blood diseases and disorders. Thanks for everyone's support and prayers as always, best wishes to all!!xo

So here is my question for all of you. I started 5 years ago with gas, bloating and diarrhea everday. I did not know I had Lupus. Got diagnosed 2 years later. I quit eating glutin and I am doing extremely well. Do you all think I should get checked out? Never did go to the doctor for the diarrhea.

Im not allergic to gluten and never had any of those symptoms. I’ve always been thin, fit and eat a healthy, non processed dite for most of my adult life. I had I bleeding ulcer when I was 26 , that’s when I make my dietary and lifestyle changes, that was 9 year’s ago way before any major sings of illnesses.