Any suggestions on a over the counter diuretic

I have alot of swelling in my hands, ankles, and legs in the morning and in the evening. I do prop my feet up at least two to four hours in the day and it helps a little. I called my Dr. just to let them know the swelling was getting worse, I was told "go see your pcp". I am not going to pay another copay just to get a diuretic. I know that I have to watch what I take with all the medications I am on. I need something that is safe for me to take at least twice a day . I have already reduced my sodium intake and I haven't seen much improvement. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to take that I don't have to have a script to get. I am willing to try all natural remedies.

I don't know of one off hand, but I seem to recall from my days working for a dietary supplement company that there are some out there. Lone Wolf, a member of this group, is an eastern holistic healer with lots of natural remedies, so you might try sending him a message and asking him for some recommendations. hugs & pax, pj

Aren’t tea and coffee natural diuretics? I seem to remember being told that. Maybe try bumping up your intake of one of those to see if it helps. =)