Swelled fingers/hands

Im sure ive heard this mentioned, but im re-mentioning this for my personal comfort and

of course knowing im not alone....My fingers are swelled all night , no matter what i do,

a water pill drains water, but its persistent and driving me nutz, Nothing else swells

but my fingers/hands area...Am I alone? Any old fashioned remedies that im missing

that can help me? Im nutso with this :(

I don't have any old fashioned remedies but I do suffer with the same thing. At night my hands seem to swell or become so tight that it's hard for me to close my hands tight. Thought that I was alone with this but it helps to know that I'm not. I'll keep watching to see what others post.

not so nutzo deary. My body has been so swollen for such a long time I don't even know what it feels/looks like to be normal. One thing I can say is that when they were looking at my carotid artery they noticed that there was a little pocket of water that was swollen for no apparent reason...other than Lupus.

I tried moving it the lump by engaging the muscles in my neck and shoulders. I don't know it it worked, but the lump did go away, for now. So it may be worth a try to do a few hand/finger very very gentle exercises with equal periods of completely supported rest. Start by giving your hands some tlc: wash in perfect temp and apply fave lotion.

then rest. then think of your closed hands as a bud of your fave flower; slowly let the flower open till it is in full bloom and then rest your hands on a rolled up cloth or little pillow---anything that you can let your hand curl over so that they can rest in a supported position. rest for at least a minute before going on. idk if it will help, but i hope it will.

love, j

My hands and fingers swell during the night and in the morning I can hardly pick up my coffee cup.. I wish I knew a quick remedy.



Im going through that right now…and I don’t know how to get the swelling down…and I’ve tried a few things…