Swelling and Pain and Things to Help Both?

hi friends~

I come to you with an inquiry about if any of you have had issue with swelling, pain or both. My feet have been slightly swelled for 2 days and cramping. I've been drinking water like the camels, keeping the feet elevated, took my magnesium (which is supposed to help with this) and even took an anti-inflammatory. The only change is the pain isn't as bad. It kept me up all night last night. It wasn't life threatening pain, just enough to keep me awake and get on my nerves. So...the only thing I am aware of that I've not tried yet is a soak in Epsom Salts. It worked wonders on a large cyst like boil I had a few months ago. So...with all that said, have you had this issue and what worked for you and what did not? Please share your experiences. I've been treated for Lupus for over 2 years and this is the first time I've experienced something of this nature. Please advise and thank you :)

Vicky :)

Hello Vicky,

I suffer the pain and swelling but there's no meds to help me, so at the moment i'm taking 1200mg of ibuprofen it ease thepain slightly but not the swelling and if you notice the pain always feels like it's in my bones besides...unless it's me.

Vicky i'd ask for your urine to be tested as the swelling from the feet can be the kidneys but the pain otherwise is down to the Lupus and joints...i really feel for you mate as i know what your going through and it never ends.

Hugs Terri :)

Oh Terri, Thanks for your feedback. I do tend to get my urine tested along with my labs at each rheumy visit now. I'm due back next month. Either way, we will survive- won't we?

Hugs right back!


I've always had swelling in my legs, if I wear socks they always swell above the cuff no matter if I wear diabetic socks that are loose fitting or not. Foot pain has always been an issue for me with both feet. My rheumie has never had my urine tested, no one has ever suggested that. I don't want to change doctors while I'm in the process of getting my disability, but I'm keeping that a possibility.

Thanks for the feedback Trisha. My rheumy said that sometimes our meds can reach toxic levels in our systems at times and it can bring on new symptoms. Mine thought I was getting too much in my system when come to find out the pharmacy had my prescription directions set at too low at dose. It's just a strange thing we have to endure I guess. I don't have any pain today and the swelling has dissipated somewhat, but isn't completely gone. Just another weird Lupus thing I suppose.

Hi Vicky,

How are you doing today? I hope the swelling continues to go down and you're feeling better.

take care of yourself,


Hi Trisha~

Good to hear from you. Physically, the swelling has gone down some. Other than that, the only physical duress I have. Mentally, I'm just discouraged about job hunting. I've only had 1 job offer in almost 2 years and it was where I left from- so no prize there. I've gone on oodles of interviews and I'm just losing faith in the world. But sorry to dump, I know my life could be worse. Just one of 'those days'. Hoping you are faring better my friend.

take care,