Zoey deliciousness

Spending time with my daughter today even though I don’t have the strength to stand. I got her a play doctor kit. I was in the hospital for the past week. Now I can let my three year old help me. She’s delicious. I love my daughter so much. I’m grateful for her. I don’t think I’d get through this without her. What are you all doing today that’s positive?

How do I post a picture of her?

Hi Jen, I am so glad you are enjoying this most beautiful day spending time with your daughter. Kids are so precious. I went to church and now am enjoying time catching up in email and catching up on silly shows I have missed. Hope you feel better.

I’m getting through a virus, and reading a lot while I rest up. I read the book of Galatians this morning. Reminded me about the fruits of the Spirit.:slight_smile:

Wonderful post Jen!

Enjoy this age with her its such a precious time. When my daughter was that age she was a puppy mommy. Our dog had 10 pups her first litter. I missed a Kodak moment - she was sitting in the middle of 10 puppies sitting all around her. Like a hedge of angels all around her. She is 18 now and getting ready for her first CNA class this morning. I couldn't be prouder of her, everyone said she wouldn't graduate high school, and no one expected her to go to college. (except me)

Yay puppies and colleges!!

Trisha, I love the way you described your daughter and puppies--"like a hedge of angels all around her." Jen, enjoy while you can. Our daughters grow up fast. I blinked and my daughter gave me three grandchildren!

Stop blinking!!! Try winking. Might be less fertile. :wink:


At this moment, am resting ! But can’t sleep! For the last two nites I have been up late hours, this happens often when am planning on doing something special, going to eat lunch with my granddaughter on Friday! Yes it is very fun to see her face shine with joy and that twinkle in her eyes…Beverly L.

She takes me as I am!!