Wonderful Mother's Day

This mother's day, my 16 year old daughter ordered flowers from pro-flowers using her allowance money and a balloon, which she hid in her closet for three days so I would not see them. I felt so loved and special, then I find out, her friends were in on the rouse, by planning to tell me, should I find out, the flowers are for their parents and my daughter is holding them. I am so touched and blessed that my teenage daughter is so loving and caring. For dinner, we left at 5 pm, without any questions, for us, this is when the sun is the lowest and will not put me at risk for any exposure problems aggravating the Lupus. She did not complain about waiting all day for dinner nor did she complain about me having to lay down and rest in the house. We got up and cleaned the house, washed clothes together and then made several sweet treats in the house. She was ultimately happy that we spent time together. I was so touched with her devotion and selflessness that I had to post and show why I am less focused on this illness and its effects and more focused on my life. Living through managing my lupus is the only thing most important to me. We are planning to go to Disney world in December, due to the low sun exposure in Florida. Making adjustments in my life including not eating garlic, found out it stimulates the immune system, which we do not need and staying away from eggs, I am highly allergic are little things I can do to stay healthy and take my meds and communicate with my RA about symptoms.

This mother's day was so special to me because my daughter demonstrated her love and commitment through this battle with Lupus. Feeling very blessed and wanted to share the information with everyone.

Hello Unshoreandscared,

I'm so pleased your mothering sunday went so well and how special can you get...when all accounts was taken into consideration regarding your illness.

Your daughter sounds so special and caring...now that's true love and devotion.

Love & Hugs from me also. Terry xxx