Determined not to let this disease ruin a very important day

I have not had the energy, strength nor desire to do much of anything lately. I have felt like crawling into the bed and pulling the covers over my head as if I could disappear from the pain. On Wednesday I went to the ER with a migraine and chest pain, two days later after test and normal stress test of my heart I was ready to get out of the hospital. You see my daughter was graduating from nursing school and in spite of all the pain that I felt it could not take the place of the pain I would have felt if I let Lupus keep me from seeing her graduate. So I pleaded with my doctor to discharge me so that I may attend her graduation today. Well I'm happy to say I made it through the graduation and I made it to an impromptu party we had for her and now I'm home after all the excitement and all I can say is I feel HORRIBLE. I hurt so bad and in places that I didn't know I could hurt, I can barely walk at this point and my head is pounding but what I will say is that I did not let Lupus ruin a very important day in my daughter's life and I'm so glad that I fought through all that I feel to be able to give her the support and love that she needed to complete the first leg of her nursing journey. I'm so proud of her and even more proud that I was able to be right by her side.


I am so sorry that you feel horrible now. Please take comfort knowing that your post inspires others to find the strength they need. I hope you get the rest you need now and some relief from your pain. My prayers go out to you today.


Hello Nu,

I am so sorry mate to hear what issues Lupus is causing you and to also end up in ER but to attend your daughter's graduation is one special moment in life after she's worked so hard and it's a lovely picture you've added with smiles all around, although your suffering bad.

With Lupus we can't afford to let it beat we on some issues in our lifes.

On your daughter's special day and you making it an extra bonus for fighting lupus and attending and i hope you feel better soon Nu.

((Love & hugs Terri)) xxxx