Well needed vacation

On Monday I just got back from a 5 day, much needed vacation with my mom. I kept the kids and the husband at home. I got alot of rest, I got some reading done.I ate like a pig. lol.... I had no one calling my name.I had no cooking or cleaning to do. It was just me... worrying about myself. I let my husband see what I go through on a daily basis and plus me being sick is sometimes is not easy at all. And when I got back he missed me so much and so did my kids. My sister told me that my skin color looked good. And you know what I felt good to. Dont get me wrong I love love love my life but sometimes us lupies or any other sickly person just needs a nice get away to worry about ourselves, take care of just ourselves because if we dont take the time out to take care of ourselves, who will.......


Glad you enjoyed your break and for 5 days i bet it was lovely...your on about breaks though mate we'd have a fat chance here, it's pouring bad with rain.

I bet your hubby soon gave you the list for the week on what needed doing.lol...bless you mate.

I'm just happy you had a smashing time away and a break you deserved. xxx