Hello everyone,

Hows everyone feeling these days, as for me Im in the process of getting over a flare. I knew It was going to catch up to me because my husband and I took the kids on a 5 day vacation and doing more than my body can handle, Instead of me telling my husband you just take the kids to the pool and out for the day so I can rest but I had to tag along. And that last day my body said you not going no where. I've had a fever for the past couple of days, my knees feel like they are on fire, my fingers are so swollen I cant make a fist. I had to double up on my pain meds. Im scared to call my doctor cause I know he is going to increase my prednisone and Im trying to get off of it. Since I been home I been in the bed. I feel so bad for my family cause I have not cooked dinner in awhile. When my husband is at work my oldest daughter deals with my youngest. I told her when I get better Im going to treat her to what ever she wants cause she deserves it. She is my biggest help, my little angel.

I hope everyone is doing a better than me. Stay bless

Tanya...... muahhhhh


I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! Its so hard when you want to be included : ( Take care of yourself and rest. You're blessed to have your little angel there to help you, that's so sweet. Hope you get better, and I'll keep you in my prayer my friend.


Sending you healing thoughts and wishing you the strength to get through the flare. It's not easy being a sick mom!

Tanya, I've missed seeing you and wondered if you were OK. Thankful you were able to take a vacation with your family but sorry for some of the side effects. Now please take care of yourself and hopefully you will feel better soon. The type flare you are describing takes me a little while to feel better. Your precious daughter...bless her for being sensitive to your needs.

Take care....and know I will pray for you to feel better soon!


Hello Tanya,

Lovely to see you on here besides Nu and your both going through the wars and i'm so sorry to hear it about you both.

Tanya when your better you'll make it up to your family one way or another but take it easy just getting over a flare, how you have the swelling of your fingers and knees burning i have that every morning and it likes firing up again before i go to bed....so my thoughts are with you on this and it sounds like you've got one terrific daughter there who understands what her moms suffering.

Tanya i've just got over a combined flare and thought it would drag on for weeks but started taking plaquenil again till i see my new rheumo and i think that's shifted it out my system but otherwise the usual aches and pains but i do wish these spasms would give me a break.....i've popped 2000mg of paracetamol already to try and help the pain but i'm well drugged now.

To you Tanya and i'm thinking about you dearly.((Your loving friend Terri)) xxx

So sorry to hear your not feeling well. Its a shame a vacation sets us back isn't it? Ironic to say the least. I pray your feeling better soon, just rest and then you can make up the time with your family. They are probably vacationed out too and need the down time. Enjoy the rest of your summer and feel better!


Awww...I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I do completely understand how you feel. I get that way after being in the sun for a long period of time. I know how you feel not feeling up to doing things with the kids and them having to "fend for themselves" on occasion. I think that's what hurts me the most, not being as active with my kids as I would like. I do pray that you get well soon! And make sure you give that baby her treat! :)

Hi Tanya,

I pray that your flare won't last long. If you can manage to 'power' rest, then maybe it will be over sooner.

I just got back from a family vacation as well-in high altitude. I stayed back in the cabin and missed a few activities, but still did much more than I knew my body would like. I let my girls go to stay with my parents for 10 days and cried when they left. I knew I couldn't handle anymore traveling or visiting and that it was the best for myself and my young girls. So now my husband and I are kid free, and I spent 6 hrs yesterday cleaning because things had gotten so out of hand. Of course, I'm back to being nauseous and exhausted with headaches. I am going to try to take my own advice and 'power' rest.

Best wishes to you,


Hi Tanya,

I know you are suffering, I know about overdoing it, because I just did it again, but I am so glad that you were able to go on vacation with your family! Good for you!! We just never know when we will turn that corner, and NOT be as able.

My son is grown, so I over do it by having my grandkids! I feel I have to give them what I have to give, for as long as I can! Your children and my grandchildren will remember these things, it will help to shape them into the people we want them to be.

You are very fortunate that your oldest daughter is so caring and helpful, it says much about you, and how you raised her to be. I hope that you can rest and recover quickly. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, but so glad that you were able to give this trip to your husband and children.

Big hugs,


Hello Tanya,

I hope your ok and dealing with this flare best possible as i really do feel for you....but please keep we updated on how you are in general when you able to.

HugsTerri xxx

Hope you feel better soon Tanya!