Vacation at Gulf Shores Al

Finally I have some happy input. I went with a group of friends to gulf shore for 4 days, and I didn't get sick.... I usually can't go 4 days without getting sick in the house. My friends were so great too. We went to the beach at 9 am to 11 am. I wore lots of sun block, stayed under umbrella and wore a huge hat, and a long sleeve shirt. We then went back to the hotel cleaned up, went out to lunch, and shopping. Then we came back around 4 pm and went to beach till about 6. Then swimming in the pool, dinner and played cards. Its the best time I have had since I got sick 3 years ago. Now that I am back I have a cold and I am wore out but, I feel rejuvenated some how. My spirit has been lifted. I did have one day I got a little to much sun but, I took a nap and felt better. I think the car ride was the worse. It made me hurt and sore. My friends stopped every two hours so I could stretch. I thought I couldn't do it, but I did do it. I vacationed at the beach. My advise to anyone who goes on vacation with our sickness, is planning lots of planning. Do not go out the hottest part of the day. Wear a long sleeve UV shirt, lots of sun block, lots of water, don't try and carry everything, let your friends or family do it, sit back and relax, don't do to much, and best of all have fun.

I am so glad you were able to enjoy some time relaxing and having fun with your friends! I think that is as important as any of our therapy treatments! Sounds like you were responsible and listened to your body. You are blessed to have such great friends!

I'm glad you went for it! I think many times we hold back too much thinking we will get sick. Everything you did to protect yourself worked well and you were able to enjoy the experience. Lifting the spirit is so important and you feel so much better.

I am very happy for you!!

Wonderful news!!!

Good for you. I'm so happy you feel rejuvenated and had a good time, good for you, 'again'......

I love gulf shores. I live in AL and havent been in a while but would love to go next spring and take the grandkids.

Honey that is good you got too go hope you get togo again

I live 15 min from there. :-) not sure how to use this site yet. Be strong in all you do. Nancy, Foley

Hi!! Happy to know that YOU enjoyed yourself!! Feels good to have a some what normal day of fun without pain -right? Enjoy many more…Beverly L.

Hello! !! when you are doing the thing's that you like, think about US? There are some that want to do the thing's that you can do, so carry us along with you in mind and heart , Thank's. . Beverly L.