Hello all. I just wanted to first of all say Happy Memorial Day to you and if you have lost someonethat fell victim to the fighting and wars, I am so sorry. Have fun and don't forget those fallen soldiers. I guess I don't have to tell anyone not to overdo it as I know I do so many times on holidays. That is why I'm still not feeling so well becuz on Mother's Day I thought it was ok if I wore long sleeves and long pants I would be okay......wrong. I was only out for about 20 min, but it was too long for the amount of heat and sun I was exposed to. I guess it's like everything else too....we're all different and have varied tolerance levels ;(

Well, I've gone on long enough, but plz enjoy your holiday ;)

Hello Gail,

Such an appreciate thread and kind words....and godbless those who died fighting for their countries. xxx