Trying not to stress,

Has completely went out the window for me tonight. I brought one of my best friends ever in to live with me. She had no where else to go. I loaned her money, bought food, and got her a job. During this whole time I’ve been going through my medical bs, which she knew about. While she lived here she didnt clean, and trying to get rent from her was hell. I was basically her mom. And shes older than me! Well her, mother came to visit and took her back with her because she quit the job, that I got her! All because she has no work ethics! While she still owes me $500! She gave me $50 from her last pay check and promised she would give me the rest when she gets a job! But I know it’s not gonna happen. my gut feeling is normally right. I had her write out a statement on what she owes me, but idk if it’ll mean anything! I’m tired of getting screwed! with this medical bs, and with trying to be a good friend. Uhggg…im just so upset right now!

it hurts when people use us like this. I'm glad she is out of your house now.

Hi Tiffany,

It's a terrible thing to happen to you but something like this should put you on your "Guard" in future, as sometimes if you have a soft personality for helping other's...certain people pick up on it and can take you for a Ride as the saying goes look after no'1 in future until you sort out what's going on with your health, as you've got enough problems going on plus you may never see that money but we all go through life learning hard lessons.

Hugs Terri xxx

Hun, plZ learn from this! Ok. I know how u feel and what u were trying to so for her, but it happenes all the time. And yes that means u can take her to smal claims court and get your money! If she signed it u can!!!

Hi Tiffany,

I hope your ok and not still worrying to much as it won't help what your going through and you've read so many issues about stress, anxiety plus depression making symptoms worse, so please stay strong mate.

All my love goes out to you Love Terri xxx

Ty everyone. I know it’s a lesson learned. It just sucks since I’ve known her for my whole life. But I’ve been doing a little better. Good days n bad ones. Been trying to clean up the house since she left a little at a time.

Hi Tiffany,

As soft as it sounds you can think you can trust anyone completely but there's always someone ready to take you for a "Ride" as we say here in the from now on mate just be on your guard, as you can't afford for that to keep happening.

Yes clean at youir own pace and do it steady because you don't want to be waring your body out.

(((Hugs Terri))) xxx