Trials n Quick thinking!

Hello everyone, it’s me Beverly L. , yes am back!!! I have been on and off but not how am normally. There was a major situation going on with me and those who knew thanks for your prayers and wishes. 5 months has taken a relief off me , dealing with BREAST CANCER, and doctors and Lupus flares , along with blood pressure going through the roof, and not to forget dealing with the insurance company, oh my goodness. Everything happened as of 7-13,2015,. My surgery was great and the reconstruction of the breast is awesome.

So to get to this blog , I would like to hear from you all , How would you handle the pressure of having a dead line time frame , would you stress out OR would you fight ?
Having Lupus is no fun because it doesn’t play fair. Send me your thoughts, stress or fight?

Oh my goodness, I'm glad you are on the other side of the breast cancer! Congratulations! So would you agree that Lupus pain is worse than cancer pain? And lupus suffering goes on for decades, unlike cancer.

I live in a life of deadlines, but it all depends which deadline is coming up that I choose to push through to the goal or to pass. I was 24/7 caregiver to my very medically complicated, often very confused mother. She would often be awake for 4-5 days at a time. That's when I called 911 to get her some help and get me some sleep. I had to rush upstairs every 15 minutes day and night, had a baby cam monitor to see when she was getting into things she shouldn't or getting into trouble, and for a year I did that no matter how severe my pain was. I stayed home through a kidney stone and through severe heart attack symptoms. Then I had 2 heart attacks in 1 month and the hospital said "No, you've hit your limit. You can't take care of her anymore." So pushing through CAN have permanent damaging effects.

My other deadlines...For 10 years I worked for a translations company that works world-wide, so often people on the other side of the world would need my services in the middle of the night. I did it as an act of love for my husband's business, then after the divorce, I did it as income, but it also took its toll. We all do as much as we can for as long as we can, but I am guilty of burning the candle at both ends and in the middle and getting permanent damage from doing so. So the decision is back in your court, depending on what kind of deadline and the cost it will take on your health.
Best wishes Beverly!

Hi Beverly,

Welcome back and congratulations on a victorious fight with cancer. You are a fighter, so I say fight because nothing is worth stressing over. In situations I feel the choices are fight or let go because stress gets you nowhere except mentally exhausted. Stay strong.

Yes!!!deadline s, are so stressful , but am a person that believes in the old saying, "You never let them see you sweat ", my grandmother /RIP , use to say this all the time. And I never knew what it meant. Now it’s always in my thoughts on everything that has something to do with STRESS…THANKS for your reply to this post …Beverly L.

Hi reddog, thanks for the response back , yes am a native fighter , can’t stand stress and hate to lose something (am not a soar sportsman), my life has mostly up’s -very few down’s, STAND tall and STAND for what you want and for you mean. Is my family motto, (a inside joke. LOL). Thanks …Beverly L.