Thanx for giving me hope

Hey y’all im having another flare up today and it sucks but for whatever reason im in a good mood… I can barely walk without being slightly bent over and walking slowly and if that wasn’t enough my daughter left for a week but with all of this being said I am still rather happy! Im truly grateful for the encouragement and power that this support group gives! Y’all have truly give me hope and a drive to keep fighting even when at my lowest point! Thanks for making see that im not alone on this journey!

Hi Taylor, thanks so much for sharing that! I firmly believe that it helps tremendously to have a positive mindset, it might not change the facts of your condition but it will change how you approach it. I am hoping that you are feeling better and I am sending you hugs!!

Thank you for sharing. Sorry you’re having a rough time, but happy you can at least smile. We try to laugh at my bad days. …you have to laugh to keep from crying. Hope today is a better day for you!

Thanx y’all!

Hi there also having the delights of a flare at the moment. Am on 10 mgs steroids along with the plaquenil, the steroids are certainly helping with the flare symptoms, find they work for about 5-6 hours then slowly but surely but not quite so severe the probs return.

Glad I found this group, I live in North of Scotland so not so many of us like this about, and yah! just a bit it can be an awfully lonely and isolated path, so we will all stick together and help one another along, philomela

Hi Taylor: Hang in there, it's a bad day for me too but I am determined to get thru it with my head up. I tell my loved ones around me on days like this that I need to 'recharge my batteries' and with that they know I need help with things or just to leave me be & let me rest some. usually after a little rest I am refreshed enough that I can move with less pain & stiffness.

We are all in this together.......