Hey everybody! AHHH! I missed you!

Man. I really missed coming on and reading. What a wicked flare that was! I have just finished my first couple days back to work. HARD! I felt like I wasn't gonna make it to the end of each day- but I did! Yipee. Little celebration. ( happy happy joy joy) Today I came home and I haven't even had a nap yet!

Its is crazy- even when I know how bad I feel- as it is happeneing- I can never really see just how bad i was until I start to come out of it . Then it is like- holly crap! I was sooooo sick! My body is still sooo weak. But I can stand and move- for that I will always be thankful. Slow and steady.

I am gonna hurry up and try to catch up on how everyone is doing. You all were in my prayers. This stupid summer heat. Killer!

Let me just say that I have done alot of thinking outside the box while I was down. I have made a couple appointments with some different doctors and I have even started meditating. And I love it- MEDITATION is great. I found a great app for my iphone. I never really considered it before- but I am opening my mind to any possibility. I have given my medicine a chance and I feel like incorporating some others things may help manage this! I am taking more vitamins again. Eating better again. I love my life...my friends, my family, everything. I am going to invest myself more in keeping me healthy. I know drugs alone can not do it. Maybe even gonna try accupuncture?!?

Ok. gotta go. I am starting dinner.

Lots of LOve to all you LUPIES!


Oh Hun, I am soooo very glad u are feeling better. I had no idea u were in such a bad flare. You sound like you are very motivated to do things. Diet does alot. google "anti inflammatory diet" its really good for us. Also your meds will make a huge difference. Just dont take anything that is IMMUNE BOOSTING. VERY BAD for Lupus. Its like giving your Lupus a baseball bat! Meditation is really amazing. Also Yoga in a chair is really good for us, as well as water arobics. Very easy on your joints. I just feel your energy getting so much better. Thank God for that. I am so glad we have u back

Hi Cassie,

I'm ever so pleased your over your flare but don't get over doing things to quickly...as it will soon tell on your body and if the meditation is helping you in a big way, then all the better.

Love Terri xxx