Felt great yesterday, got so much accomplished. Work, Dr. Appointments, SS office, online work, meeting, finger print place, Sr. pictures, dinner, wholesale club all before 7. By 10 pm I was sick to my stomach, I was then up all night sick and today everything hurts. My hubby left yesterday morning to take his dad to AZ to help uncle take care of his grandparents house. Gma passed away in June and Gpa on Monday. I need to drive 18 hours to meet my husband. Not sure how I am going to do this. 2 years ago it would have been a piece of cake. Not to mention the tension there as the uncle wanted no one to come. That’s it for my stress rant.

Lupus does not like stress, it makes life worse. If you run around all day without resting Lupus will send a message to your brain to send signals of pain and fatigue throughout your body. I work also but only 4 hours come home lay down for awhile with no noise then I am okay. Two years ago your body was younger. As you get older, stress comes more and pain follows. Relax more, go into a room lay down, read, that helps every couple of hours.

I will never get anything done ever again. My house is a clutered mess. Laundry seems to be the hardest. i get is sorted down, the stairs! In the wash/ dryer, then it ends up on the couch and chair because i am to tiired to get it back up stairs and fold it. So far the only up side is I am eating right and losing weight.

Maybe that's what I should so. My washer and dryer is downstairs and I feel the same way when I do the laundry. I put everything in a basket, bring it upstairs and put it together on my bed, that way if I get to tired I sit down and then get back to it. What are you eating, I cannot loose weight, I look like a cow since I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago and put on 5mg of Predisone.

I am sorry for loss of the family members. I fold things as they come out of the dryer or of the cloths line sometime I may fold one thing lay it on the dryer and go back in a little while. Eating right is a good thing and you will start to feel better. Pace yourself Make plenty of stops on the way to stretch is there anyway you could leave early or someone who could go to help with the drive

I'm sorry for your loss, and the stress of that alone is enough to bring on a flare. I do laundry every day, a little bit so I'm not so overwhelmed with it. I used to do it all on Saturdays, and it was so much. My kids started doing their own laundry when they didn't like waiting for their favorite clothes to get done. One time my son had so much laundry to do, and his room was such a mess my daughter and I gathered up all his clothes and dropped them off to the dry cleaners. It was well worth it to have it all done, washed and folded. I remember the days of having the couch full of clothes, and how the clutter really brings you down.

I cut out red meat and processed foods. I eat chicken, fish and beans for protein, brown rice, and lots of fruits and veggies. If I want a snack it’ s a fruit or veggie. I drink 2 meal replacement shakes (made into a fruit smoothie) a day. One for breakfast and one around 8:30 in the evening. I have a new job on a college campus so I have to walk 10 mins from my car to my office. It’s a desk job and I have a foot stool under my desk so it’s not to bad. I’m totally wiped out when I get home so all errands and house work seem to pile up. Dr. was pleased friday with the weight loss and my basic labs. I told her i felt great. So the exercise and the eating right are paying off. She did say I need to lose 10-15lbs more and reminded me I will have bad days that could turn into bad weeks. It’s only been 6 months since my diagnosis and i have more good days than bad. Sundays seem to be the worst I can barely get out of bed everything is swollen and hurts deep into my bones. I had gained 30 lbs and had other side effect on Prednisone. I told my Dr. The side effects were worse than the disease. I am now taking Maloxicam for the arthritis, Zanex for stress as needed. Pataday for my eyes. Levosetazine for allergies and Sumatriptan for migraines as needed. I use to do my laundry on my bed and still do when I have the strength to haul it up the stairs. Maybe I’ll get it done today, maybe I will drop everything off at the laundromat. I have done that in the past when my washer or dryer had broken. My girls are pretty good at helping around the house when they are here. Yesterday they took care of me and kept sending me to bed. If I do go to AZ one of my daughters will go with and help drive the other two have to work. Hubby’s family out there is a little different. 3 deaths in the last 8 months and not one service. Uncle, Gma and Gpa have been cremated and are all sitting on the counter. My husband and his cousin ( daughter of his uncle who passed) are hurt and confused. His surviving uncle didn’t want anyone there so we are being told to stay home now. I am terrible worried about my hubby as he suffers from depression and I noticed he forgot his meds. He says he is fine and not to worry but I’ m afraid the stress and tension will get to him. He will be gone 2 weeks. My oldest daughter thinks I should still go out there. Well that’s enough about my crazy life.
Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to laugh.

I know this scenario well! When I have a good day and get lots of things done, it seems I pay for it with two days in bed. I wish someone could drive you or you could fly... or just not go now.... BUT I know sometimes we don't have a choice as long as we can push our body forward... All the best to you, Lupancatwoman