Tired of being TIRED!

Hi Everyone!

I'm quite frustrated. I saw my rhumy today and I explained to him how exhausted I've been feeling. He's running some tests on my thyroid and says my Lupus is still quite active. Even though my rashes have gotten a bit better and the itching is tolerable, I wake up after 8-10 hours of sleep and am wiped out. My husband has been asking me why am I so crabby in the morning and my answer is " IM EXHAUSTED...IM SICK OF FEELING SICK!". I know that you can relate...

They say stress isn't good for Lupus, okay can we please be honest and say that living life in a stressful world only creates one thing..STRESS! Things happen that are out of control. New Years eve I spent 12 hours of my time in the ER with our 12 year old. Then on Sunday we spent 20 hours in the ER with our 12 year old and it was awful. She's been admitted and we await two major tests an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to find out why she is in so much pain that she's vomiting. They found some colitis and need figure out her problems...this only leads to STRESS....lol

I guess my point is...everything can cause you stress...I'm working on this...I just want to feel better...I need to get more "God centered" and learn how to let things roll off my back...sigh..I hate LUPUS with a passion...I miss my old self..tired of the puffy face, forgetting things, I miss my energy for life!

Hi Mia. Sorry you're feeling so lousy. It's good that your doctor is looking for other possible causes, but it may end up just being the lupus causing your fatigue. You said your doctor stated that the lupus is still quite active... the way it was explained to me early on is that it takes a lot of energy for your immune system to be so busy, and it can exhaust you.

How long have you had lupus? I have found that the better control I have (the quieter my immune system is), the more energy I have.

Good luck with your tests. Hope you start feeling better.

I can so relate tired of being tired and tired of being sick!!!! How do we stay away from stress when our lives are stressful no matter what. Unless we live in a bubble there is no way to get away from stress. I am always exhausted. I get tired of missing out on things because I am just to tired to do anything. My free time I fall asleep. I can't even take my kids to the movies without falling asleep during it. I feel terrible that it happens but I can't help it. I am here with you I miss my old self and forgetting things. It's embarrassing when you can't remember things that happened or you did. I have forgotten so many things it's makes me so sad. I have learned to write things down that mean something to me so I don't forget.