Sore Throat

Sometimes my throat hurts. I almost feel as if im about to come down with a sore throat. Its tender to the touch on the outside…then the next day just goes away. Does anyone else experience this?

Yep can be due to allergies or just the dry winter air we all are subjected to this time of year

I get a sore throat whenever I don't get enough sleep (as though I'm getting sick) as though it's my body's warning to rest. Once I get enough sleep it goes away.

I also get soar throat time to time ,before I was diagnost I even use to take antibiotics because of it .


Yes, I get that all the time, I always thought it was accosiated with allergies, especially when the immune system is being suppressed by the Anti-malarial drug.

Does the planquenil suppress the immune system?

Whenever my throat feels dry I suck in Halls Vitamin C drops and drink Throat Coat herbal tea. For whatever reason this calms my throat and has prevented me from getting colds, even with Lupus.
I also had trouble with dry eyes but didn’t realize it was that simple. My eyes hurt all the time and my new ophthalmologist said they looked dry and to try the over the counter drops “Blink.” Worked like a charm and no more allergy or steroid eye drops needed!

For me, I've noticed I get a sore throat right before a flare. It's like a warning that if I don't take it easy and rest, it will turn into a flare. Listen to your body, rest

Me too…i feel a sore throat coming on. I also get pain in my right shoulder blade. I too have dry eyes…i have experienced what i call a flare…i felt like i was coming down with the flu. My temp was ok but i felt like i was running fever. I was so weak and tired and my rash gets really bad.

Hmm u might be right i get it too. Also hurts to take a deep breath. I always worry about taking ibprofen

Me too! When I was going through the flare where they diagnosed me, I had sores all over my tongue, on the inside of my bottom lip, and a polyp on one of my vocal cords! I was a real mess! I could hardly talk! My throat felt like I had swollowed broken glass! It was so red and raw! They had to remove the lump on my lip, but with rest (meaning very little talking ), I didn’t need the polyp surgery because it finally went away. I know I am in a new flare because I again have sores in my mouth. They are starting to go away after two weeks. Thank God!


I get that feeling off and on too. I'll even start running a 99.9 to 101.0 temp when that comes on and by the next day or two days later I feel like nothing was ever wrong.