So worth it!

So last night our church had a formal banquet. It was so much fun! I tried to rest as much as I could all week so I could go and enjoy the night with my girlfriends. My doctor even gave a pain med. injection to give me body a break and allow me to do more. We all get ready together and walked in (was able to walk in with out my wheel chair!) to the church in all our formal gowns! It was the best night I have had in such a long time. Laughter, pictures and smiles all around. It was the first time since being sick I was able to set aside what I couldn't do and focus on what I do have. Friends who love in spite of my limitations and are willing to help me. And although I can't do a whole lot there are things I can still do! After the dinner I could start feeling my body to shut down which led me to having to use the wheel chair the rest of the night. But it didn't stop me, my friends even surrounded me in my wheel chair and took pictures with me in the chair.:) I am truly blessed with some amazing friends! today I am bed bound and cant feel my legs and have to slide into my wheel chair from my bed and so on to get anything. Although it wore me it was so worth it and I would do it again!!! So it will be several days of not doing anything but resting. I actually felt like a normal person for a little bit it was a well needed night! :D

I'm so happy for you! Its sounds like you had a wonderful night and it really lifted your spirits. Your friends sound awesome, and very thoughtful. You are a normal person, just some days you have more challenges than others, get rest you need now and enjoy the memory of last night.... Cheers to you.....

I am so, so happy for you Louters!! Yeah!! You and the other young people that are suffering so really make my heart break for you. I had a lot of health issues when I was young but nothing like what you are going through and I had a normal fun life. Hugs

Wow, thankyou for sharing that night with me, I too love times when life happens and I feel like a person without lupus.. Thank you for the wonderful memory.

Those moments of feeling "normal" are so wonderful! I am happy for you!

What a wonderful day !! good for you for going, I think it resets our mind and bodies to enjoy what we can. I am so glad you went :)

I am so glad you got to do this, it's like Cinderella!! It was so good for your spirit and I love how wonderful

your friends are! Not everyone has such great friends you are lucky.

Rest all you can now, I'm sure you will have more special times to come!

Thats wonderful that you had such a great time. Its OK that you had to recoup for a couple of day, we're all use to that. Whats important is being able to have fun and enjoy life with friends. Hope you have many more enjoyable moments in the near future. Dont let it end with this event. Its OK to rest our bodies as much as we can or as much as we have to. Cudoes to you and your freinds.

Hi Louters:

I was sooooo happy that you had a great time at the formal dinner. I am even happier that you have good friends that understand your limitations. I don't understand how some "girls" (I'm old, so I use that word al lot) have friends that don't understand. Keep your spirits up. and take care. You are in my thoughts.


Hello, Happy that you were able to enjoy-SMILE There are days when WE have to say to Lupus , " Okay it's MY TURN to have FUN" and just deal with the flare's Am happy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep fighting and stay STRONG, soon all this will come to a END... Beverly L.

Thank you all!!! :smiley: I couldn’t walk or even move my legs Saturday and Sunday so I had to rely on mom a lot but I’d do it again! Today is a little bit better I know I’ll still need to watch what I do for a while but I’m getting there! With it being president’s day my girlfriends were able to stay all weekend! That was a huge blessing it kept my mind busy and off of what I couldn’t do. I just laid in bed and we watched movies is all weekend. :smiley: thankful to be living in an efficiency apartment were this is easier to do!

How wonderful for you

So happy that you had a wonderful evening out with the girls. It is amazing how my spirits are lifted when I can go out and engage in "normal" living without focusing on my Lupus. I can hear your smiling in your words regarding the event. I bet the pictures came out perfect. It is worth the recoup time, but I hope it doesn't take you to long! Rest up honey and keep reliving the evening!

That sounds like a wonderful night! So glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself in the company of great friends. Rest well!

great for the soul!