Skin Pigmentation

Hi Megan,

My bad...6 TBPS of Buttermilk + 1 TBSP of horseradish. Follow the directions above. I also have a book names "Drug Alternatives" . I would like to try alternatanives before going straight for the harsh meds.

I hope it helps,


Hi DeAnne,

Thanks will try it out. Must find out where I can buy the horseradish from here in SA. We must have some equavalnt to that here. Thanks again for the tip. :slight_smile:

Hello Megan,

You may find the link below helpful as it helps with many issues besides treatment where skin alteration is concerned :)

Hello Deedee,

Just checking up on you mate to see how your skin is now plus the pigmentation marks are since you added your discussion and have you found anything to help you.


Hugs Terri :) xxx

Hi thanks Tez,i am doing fine there is no new rash and no flares so far. I have not been able to get anything here for the pigmentation but i am still looking, right now i am applying just a light film of organic extra virgin olive oil on the skin and hope it will help.

Hello Deedee,

Nice to hear off you :)

Just watch that rash does'nt turn into a flare because they can and you can do without that at the moment with the other pigmentation scaring.

Deedee there may not be anything to help as i had to wait to see if mine left scaring which it did on my neck but i was lucky with my face because with white people they can be dark brown which mine was.

Virgin olive oil is good plus it will soften your skin but also try some coconut butter and rub it all over your body as that good for scleroderma which causes thickiening to the skin besides white patches which it causes i was born with tanned skin which Lupus can cause besides, as no other member in the family are like it.

Takecare and all my love Terri :)

@DeeDee, if you are unble to go to a Dermy, you can try using a Retin A cream which is a vitamin A cream that will help fade those dark spots on your face. I also use Bio-Oil to fade dark spots on my face and it can be found at any Walgreens store. Both of these products can be used on Black Skin with success, also try something like Ambi as a day cream it also has a sunblock ingredient in it.

Hi Deedee,

I do hope what Ms.P as mentioned helps in a large way....BEST OF LUCK