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I was recently diagnosed with lupus on 5/13/15 I have on my face what started out about the size of a pea has now increased from my jaw to my forehead and it very painful (feels like something is inside my skin- but nothing is there) ...the medicines the doctor gave are not working..Does anyone have any advice on how to make the pain or what looks like localized swelling stop?

What has been used since the time of Esther, oil of myrrh mixed with a little olive oil. It is working for me.

It’s so hard to know because it could be a tree reaction to the meds, a start of a butterfly rash or maybe you spent too much time in the sun. Whatever the cause, it should be brought to your doctor’s attention. Your skin is made of susceptible cells as any cell in our body is.
Big hugs

Been there. Nothing to do but wait. Picking or trying to pop those things don't work. You just have to find the best stuff your dermatologist can recommend. Ointments work better for me. I am in this 5 years and have the lack of hairline to prove it. I have spots on my chin last for months, then all the sudden go away. Hope this helps, and good luck to you.

When my face is flaring up, I will put an ice pack on it. It helps with the pain and discomfort and brings the redness back down.

I’m sorry you are newly diagnosed. I agree sounds like a butterfly rash. I never had it but hear it’s painful. I had blisters and that was bad enough. So until I saw my rheumy and dermatologist I wore sunblock,shades, and a hoodie everywhere I went and well still do and will do for the rest of my life to avoid flares. Best of luck hope you feel better soon.

Does anyone's look like this? I never had acne in my life and now this is taking over my face 10 mins in the sun and boom

I had that on my chest last year and just put cold compresses on it and took extra prednisone doses from doctor and it took a couple weeks but it went away…I live in Arizona and I get sooo red and spotty on my face and shoulders and arms even if out in Sun for 10mins. It sucks but it’s lupus…hope u feel better soon …

i have. that's how mine would be 10 min in the sun too. you probably already know--but you cannot wear your average sunscreen. we need physical block sunscreen --titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. regular sunscreens draw the sun in and with chemicals prohibit sunburn. these block it entirely. i also wear a hat when outside. i found that throughout this journey, there are times when my sensitivity to UV is worse than others. when it's bad, i make sure to not let the sun hit my skin whatsoever.

also, are you under florescent lights at all? they have the same effect. i had my employer put filters on the lights in my office as a "reasonable accommodation" and it helped tremendously. windows are bad too. my doctor wanted me in an office with no window. she has seen many folks sitting across the room, and the side the window is on--they were developing horrific rashes etc and didn't put it together. my doc wrote a prescription to have my windows in my car tinted beyond what is "legal." i carry the script in my car bc it is something that is needed. (plus then your costs for that stuff are able to be written off as a medical expense)

i find a little hydrocortisone sometimes helps my rashes when not too bad. they have other, stronger topical steroids with prescriptions. i usually mix stuff--i find tea tree oil, lavender helpful when diluted with a gentle cream or coconut oil. or on a cool wet washcloth.

my dermatologist said what i had wasn't acne (i can relate to what you're describing and your pics. she said it was inflammation and i cannot remember what she prescribed--but she is lupus savvy and whatever it was helped).

i hope you feel better soon


Hi Angel,

While I have never had the raised areas, I do get a rash on my arms that gets red hot above and below the skin if I am out in the sun for 10 mins with spf 50 on. Has your doctor tried some cortisone cream with a numbing agent like lidocaine for the pain? I would check with your doc. Prayers and hugs to you.


I am not diagnosed with lupus but that's exactly what I get on my chest sometimes. First it itches, then it hurts. Then I get more of it and it hangs around for awhile then disappears again. I thought it was a rash from a necklace. Of course when it occurs in the ear area, like yours, that would seem to argue against it being from the necklace.

I hope your rash goes away soon, as it looks quite painful. Ugh!

Mine do

Angel said:

Does anyone’s look like this? I never had acne in my life and now this is taking over my face 10 mins in the sun and boom