Lupus rash

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I have a question for everyone. I have noticed that when I am flaring, I get a spotted red rash all over my arms and legs. Sometimes it spreads to my neck and face but not always. It's not itchy just embarrassing. I have tried different meds, nothing works to take it away. It just has to run its course. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks for your input and have a fantastic day!

I have been getting this random rash on my chest and neck all summer. I've never really gotten rashes since my diagnosis, but this summer has been horrible! Nothing helps to get rid of it--I usually just let it run its course too. Unlike yours, mines burns and itches:/ I plan on visiting my dermatologist soon to see if there's anything that may help when they just pop up. If I were you, I'd probably do the same. Professional input may be helpful in coping with it.


I get the same rash but I have it almost all the time. Once in awhile it is itchy but I have a creme the dermo gave me for it. I am sun sensitive so I keep my skin covered almost all the time.

Have a super day.


That’s my problem right now. They don’t itch but very embarrassing. Mine are on my legs and arms. They look like the map of the world. Im using topical steroid now. We’ll see what happens.

Mine is light induced. I stay off the light and stay covered when I leave the house. When it’s bad I apply ice.

I get it too. This summers been a nightmare for me, not sure why this year is so different from past summers, especially since I seldom leave my home, seeing a derm is your best bet for getting some relief.

I have been fighting this rash on my body and legs. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me a cream that helps, but she told me it would always come and go. Mine itches and burns.

Just an update. I have been using the hydrocortisone cream for almost two days now. Applied twice a day. The redness is gone. They’re not bumpy anymore. There’s a huge improvement. Will still observe over the days. I’m excited to wear shorts and skirts again!

I go to a dermatology least two time out the year i get a shot and some cream it help me

I also get the rashes on my arms and legs. Sun exposure will cause it as well as it occurs when I am having a flare. Mine does not itch at all but I do feel like the skin gets "warm". I am fairly new to all this to trying to put all the pieces together. Can't offer any advice, but can say you are definitely not alone.


Hi, my neck is always red and i get rashes on my arms and legs mostly my legs. I once went to the hospital becuase my legs were so bad for about 3 weeks i thought i had meningitis or some really bad allergic reaction, they were so red and inflamed the hospital didn't know what was the cause and put it down to my Lupus so at least now i know and don't panic anymore. I too feel embarrassed about my legs and I live in Australia and sometimes it gets very hot to keep wearing trousers :(

Hi Trace
My arms and legs are always “rashy” I had one point wherre they were EXTRTEMELY bad. Went to urgent care. They were clueless. Went to dermo and rheumy. Both agreed “allergic to last antibiotic I was on” They both told me never go to urgent care when you have chronic illness. I ALWAYS keep my legs and arms covered even in the hottest weather and it get hot in NH. Its hard to find light weight pants so I made some.