Red hot palms/ red feet

red palms that get hot , and red feet..... is this a lupus thing.........

still new to this

I believe there is an association with palms and feet issues! I get that too! My will itch and peel! If you look at my pictures you will see what mine look like!


I get that too. I believe it is. My ears and face get red & hot too.

My big toe on my left is red and sore. I am new at this Lupus disease, just diagnose with it on April 23,2013. Hoping to learn more about Lupus disease to teach me how to keep it under control.

I have the exact same symptoms! Usually at or near bedtime…the soles of my feet are red and very hot. So hot that I get an ice pack and place it around my feet when I go to bed.

Being just diagnose with Lupus disease sure has changed my life. I having trouble walking. I love to walk. I get short of breath.

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I have that with my lupus. More often when it flares up. Feels like my palms and soles are on fire.

I have the same issue with my hands and feet. I do believe it is part of lupus. Occasionally, mine itch and I get small blisters on my hands and feet.

Oh yes! This something that happen alot. It is mostly a flare is starting. Relax as much as possible…Beverly L.

Yes, its a lupus thing Potslupus. Does it occur when you have hives?I’m a newbie too, diagnosed almost 2 months.

haven't had hives yet...

Just relax and try to stay off your feet.

lol im a nurse! im always on my feet :) im just trying to differentiate if I have autoimmune or lymphoma :( I have to go see an oncologist today! uuuuuugh

Oohh!! If you find out something, please share with its.

I definatly will im on the scare of my life right now- isn't it sad to say id rather have Lupus? or any autoimmune...... I have POTS too (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) so... its been a long road of undiagnosis here.

I have swollen glands and my white blood and Lymphocyte are always Elevated. I had to see a Oncologist too. He ran all the blood work for Lymphoma and it was negative. He feels that the Elevated blood work is from the Inflammation response from the lupus.

Please make sure you do not have a Vascular component to the Disease if you are on your feet all the time. The palms and feet issue can mean that you may have Vascular component and you will need to be careful being on your feet if that is a the case. Take it from someone that figured that out by accident!

Lets us know what you find out today from the Oncologist.

Wishing for the best for you…Deenie

whats a vascular component of the disease?

This might help elucidate, Potslupus:

thanks it helped a little- I guess its a good thing im already wearing TED hose for the pOTS diagnosis I have ;-) . they still not QUITE sure in lupus as my labs only show ASA 1:160 speckeled and ESR 29 but the joint achiness the red hands, and light specked flat red areas on arms especially in the sun- doc says points towards lupus in some regards. . so im on plaquinil for now........

I had Lupus as an older teen and have been in remission for about 16 years, and I have another rare condition that some say can be Lupus related, although mine is not considered to be- it’s considered a separate disease for me- it’s called Erythromelalgia- and it is a type of neuropathy with those exact symptoms…