Symptoms and suggested medicine?

Hello this is my first post on here so umm here I go. I am in desperate need of help with my mother. She suffers from severely burning feet and other strange ailments. I am 95% sure it is lupus but I'm not sure what every single symptom of it is. Could anyone help me gather a list of mild to more severe symptoms. I also would like to make a list of pills, creams, and or treatments that work. I know results may varry but I am just trying to get my old mother back. Please help :'(

Hi Princessbee, I’m writing to you from Australia. I’ve had Lupus for 16 yrs now. I take Plaquenil and Persantin (at the moment these medication work for me). I also have to have Cortisone injections on occasions. I can’t take Asprin as I’m allergic, so a lot of anti inflamitory drugs I can’t take.
Regarding symptoms, muscle aches , extreme fatigue, pain in limbs, the sun affects my eyes, cold hands and feet. I can never seem to get warm. So living in Australia, I look forward to summer. Also sleeping is a problem for me.That’s all I can thinks of at the moment. I wish you all the luck with helping your mum. I will be thinking of you both. Take care, Karen

Burning feet is not necessarily a symptom of lupus- actually it is very common in diabetes. It also occurs in some vitamin deficiencies and spinal disorders. In order to get proper treatment she needs to be diagnosed by a physician in order to know what drugs etc to use to make her feel better. Good luck!

Hi Princessbee. You are very sweet to be taking care of your mom. I was just diagnosed with lupus, but I'm sure I have been suffering for a while with it. I have burning feet. It is very uncomfortable. Sometimes they are burning hot and sometimes they are so cold and nothing seems to warm them. I have to put ice packs (the reusable gel type) on them to get any relief. I have been diagnosed with Raynauds which affects the hands and feet. She needs to see a doctor sweetie. take care.

Check out Erthromelalgia! EM

PrincessBee, My mom and ex also have the burning feet, but not from lupus. Often it's nerve pain. Vitamin B with folic acid, and vitamin D help some. Hubby used capsaicin roll-on for it, Mom uses cold water by spraying her feet or soaking them or putting cold washcloths on them, and often uses xylocaine gel to numb them. (Prescription). I take care of my Mom too.

Hi PrincessBess, I suffer from burning feet sensation as well the doctor prescribed a medicine called Gabapentin, and it works wonders for me. I take it three times a day. Ask your doctor about it, maybe it will help your mother, and bring her some relief. Many blessings and hugs

Hi PrincessBess

The funny thing about Lupus is it is so darn sneaky. It disguises itself as GI problems, skin issues,vision issues, pulmonary issues and more. There is no definitive test for Lupus but a good Rhummy can diagnose your mother and get her on a treatment plan. Good Luck

Hello Princessbee,

Lovely to see you adding your first Discussion and getting really involved on helping your mom and i bless her the best at the moment:)

"JC and poobie"...have pointed out some excellent views on what can possibly be linked to your moms feet, you really need to get your mom if you can pushed to see a rheumo for furthur tests as she's going through such alot at the moment.

This link shows about symptoms of burning feet and alot are realted to what poobie said.

This link is about Burning feet syndrome.

Love Terri xxx

Hi Princessbee,

My feet are my biggest concerns, because I am on them so much. At the end of the day I slip my shoes off at work, and I try to get off them as much as possible but I can't always. Its difficult for me to describe the pain, its not a burning, but its intense. My feet swell, as well as my ankles and my legs. I try to wear diabetic socks with the loose band, but they still swell. I have a friend with lupus who has the same - with her feet and we just 'understand' but can't really describe the pain in our feet, we just 'know the pain'.

The best advice others have posted is that your mother needs to see a doctor. But for me, my feet are what brought me to a doctor and my diagnosis. We'll pray your mother gets the help she needs. We'll pray for you, and remember to take care of yourself as well, you're a wonderful daughter : )


Hello Trisha,

I'm sorry about your feet/ankles and legs...try and rest when you have the time as your always on the go.

Thinking of you dearly Terri xxx