Reaching my new "normal"

What a big day I signed my lease at 2 and was completely moved in except for my piano and a few small things by 6 and had almost everything unpacked by 8! I am beat and so ready to sleep and try and catch up on some rest the next few days. Since I live in an assisted living place there are a lot more elderly people, and I ran into several through the halls today and it was nice having the interaction with them. They have activities through out the weeks and many people are in the community room or little sitting areas playing cards or doing puzzles. So I will always have something to do and have interaction with people. :)

Unpacking and realizing I am in my place made me feel like I am finally starting to adapt to my new "normal" there are things I still have to figure out but I finally feel like I am reaching it. The nicest part there are no stairs to climb to get to bed or the bathroom and very little walking in the apartment. So when I am having a "bad" day I can still do for myself. My mom is really good with helping me so she will still be able to come and help me if need be. I am still waiting to hear if I get any social security. Found out I can go off my dads death benefits and it might help me out with getting SS.

They took more labs to watch my CRP and Sed rate and both have gone up. My CRP is still in the normal range but it went from 0.2-0.6 and my SED rate jumped from 23-40 so not sure what they are going to do. I feel like a truck has run over me. Its been really hard ever since they have been lowering my prednisone dosage. See the kidney doc thursday, so we shall see what he says. The good news is the new sezuire meds they put me on are helping! I haven't had any auras for several days. So I am hoping that it will continue to lower them!

Thank you all again for all the well wishes on getting my own place. You are all a great encouragement to me and I am very thankful I found this site. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! :) Take care!

Congratulations on your new place, and getting settled in can be both exciting and exhausting. I'm happy you're adjusting to this new normal. Very happy the new seizure meds are helping. Enjoy your new neighbors, and I hope you will soon connect and make some friends there.

Hugs, Trisha

I am so glad you are in your new apartment and feeling less stress. Enjoy!

So pleased for you. You are a trooper and you deserve your new found contentment, I hope everything medical stablised for you soon, you deserve it.

I am so happy for you! Glad the move went smooth. Glad to hear you plan on getting some rest.:slight_smile: Enjoy your new place. Have a great 1st week there.

Congrats for you. How exciting to have your own place where you can have a sense of security yet independence. Hope all goes well with disability & at your kidney dr. appt. Will be thinking of ya.

p.s. don't forget to rest & recuperate

Louters, thank you so much for sharing your great news on the apartment, and this positive step moving forward. You will enjoy the independence, plus knowing your mom can be there for you if needed has to be a comfort. Sure you already do this, but tell her she is appreciated and loved often! Please rest up, sounds like you really did a lot. And glad to hear the seizure meds are helping. hugs!

Congratulations! I think accepting the new "normal" is one of the hardest parts of this.... Hope your new place feels like home. xx

Welcome home!!!!! Prayers continue!


Congrats!!!..Beverly L.