Just got a phone call today stating I have been accepted for social security! :) I am over the moon! Money has been so tight and bills are just piling up and there was nothing I could do to help! I am now able to help, a huge weight has been lifted off!!!!

I also had and EGD done to see why I cant eat anything or very little. I have a history of ulcers so that is the main reason why they did it. There were no ulcers but it did show inflammation he took several biopsies and will find the results out on the 20th so for now I am stuck on a juice and water diet with a few bites here and there. I had friends over this weekend and I tried eating pizza and that was a bad idea! :( Just want to be done with all of this.....

Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you! I remember how I felt what I was approved after all that waiting and waiting!

Congrats! That's great! Happy for you!



I;m so happy you will be getting SSDI, My daughter finally got her first check about a month ago. She was approved in November.I can only imagine that weight being lifted off you.

Take care


Congratulations! I know how worried you were about it. Happy for you! !! :slight_smile:

Oh my Congratulations!

So Happy for you!! You have been through so much, it's time you get some help!!




I’m so happy for you!!

Well, I am so happy for you CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks everyone! !!! :smiley: on top of all that good news a handicapped accessible place is becoming available in the same apartment building which will help out a lot when I have my “bad” days and I can’t even get out of bed!

Congrats! I’m glad things are looking up for you.

Congratulations, this is all wonderful news, and I'm very happy for you!