"Perforated Septum".....does anyone have sores in their nose?

Sorry, I tried to see if there was already a discussion about this...but I only saw a discussion about sores in the mouth.

I have had a "perforated septum"....very large, very painful open sores on the insides of my nostrils. Yes, on both sides. I have actually had them now for over a year. I am seeing an ENT for them now...and he is treating them with an over the counter product called AYR. They feel a bit better but actually look worse.

Has anyone had them and how did you get rid of them????

I would appreicate ANY info.



wow, that sounds so painful and i don't know of a treatment but i just wanted to say hello and let you know i care. i will be praying for you---i am so sorry you have this painful problem

hi crissy,im new to this group,i to have battled sores in my nose, on and off for many yrs. I had surgery on my nose in 98 for a "Deveated septum" and it seems that i have had problems ever sense.I try not to let my nose dry out . that seems to be when i get them the most.I use a saline gel called "Little noses". its the best i have found. i do not like the nose drop kind of saline its to messy and doesnt last as long as the gel. I hope this helps a little. celeste

oh, and never feel sorry if you start a discussion even it has already been started bc we can all learn from hearing things over again...i know i do...i have to read things at least a million times before i get it

I get them too, as well as in my mouth and ‘other’ areas. I was told it’s my Sjogren’s, it also causes very dry eyes and mouth, but it seems to flare up and go away like so many symptoms. If you find something that actually helps, let me know. Hope you feel better soon.

The Ayr gel helps keep it moist and helps with the pain...but it is NOT helping to heal them. I have had them (no joke) for a year now....and they are sooo painful! I too have dry eyes. I was "diagnosed" with dry eyes by the neuro opthamologist and given some eye drops. They help for a little but dont last very long.

I have to be honest....things are so crazy now that I dont even know when I am in and out of a "flair up"...and I am getting sooooo frustrated with all of my symptoms.

I have to apologize for the pity party but I just feel like Im losing my mind!

Thanks Janice...you are soooo sweet! And Catharine...I have an appointment with the ENT on Monday....AGAIN....I will let you know what they say.

I have sores in my nose all the time. They are quite painful and annoying! I dont have anything I can do for them. I just deal with them. The sores I get on my lips dont like diper rash cream. its the zink in it....


I used to get sores in my nostrils and mouth ulcers.

I rarley now get mouth ulcers and very rarely get sores in my nostrils.

The ony thing that has changed over the years is the degree to which my Lupus (SLE Lupus) is under control. I live in the UK and have a good rhumy who I see every 3 or 6 months, over the years we have "experimented" with medication and I am at a point now where my Lupus is on an even keel (or as good as it gets).

The only thing I can suggest is asking your specalist to try different meds to get your lupus more under control.