Pain patch adhesive

I have a prescription for lidoderm patches, they really help especially if there is a specific part of my body that is hurting (rather than widespread pain) the problem is that they don’t stay put well at all. My dilemma is compounded because I have a latex allergy, so I have to be extremely careful since more often than not adhesives have latex.

Of the non-latex tapes I have tried they are either not very sticky or so sticky that they take skin with it when removed. My patches are supposed to stay put for 12 hours so it needs some staying power but the only long lasting latex free adhesives I have found are meant to stay in place for days (my mom is on morphine patches that stay in place for 72 hours and she uses them) but it’s so painful taking it off after only 12 hours, even using rubbing alcohol or water to soften the adhesive, that I am unable to put a patch on in that spot for a few days while my skin heals. My pharmacist is researching some options for me but I thought I’d try asking y’all first. Thanks in advance!

Check out the self sticking elastic wraps for use on the extremities - no adhesive involved - kinda like Velcro and sticks to itself Also try a tegaderm patch over the pain patch to keep in place on other parts of your body

tegaderm works great, also there's an wipe I can't remember the name, but it helps take the patch off by dissolving the adhesive it's packaged like an alcohol pad, as you remove the patch, you use this wipe to help, I used to use it when taking off the tegaderm patches that held the pain patches in place. Anyone know the name of these pads, they were a great help to me and saved my skin.

I knew you guys would come up with so,e ideas! I will definitely check out the tegaderm and the Velcro wrap. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Also a lot of the bigger pharmacy chains have a generic form of Tgaderm, the 3m brand can be pricey.

Hi, there is this really cool stuff called “VET WRAP” the stuff is amazing,it sicks to itself,but not to you…any pet smart or pectco or any pet store…I promise you will love it…it’s not costly at all…I use it,I have a latex allergy as well as adhesives on band aids and such that make me break out…good luck

I too have a really bad latex allergy but transpore tape is one I can wear for quite a few days without a problem. I had an issue with one type of patch but I contacted the company and evidently they had a lot of the same complaints. So, they would mail out am alternative to use that was great. You might try contacting the manufacturer.

Compounding pharmacies and make a presription pain med cream that works musch the same way. It is a little newer and not all docs have heard of it yet.

Baby oil, olive oil or mineral oil helps get everything of pain free, if you can’t find better tape, Try better ways of getting them off.

I hadn’t even thought about contacting the manufacturer, what a great suggestion thank you Sunny!

Celeste, I have used vet wrap in the past for injuries, for some reason I didn’t think about using it for my patches too, thank you Swiss cheese brain! I will pick some up now that you’ve reminded me of it, I think it would work for the times I put the patch on my arms or legs but I don’t think it would be practible when the patch is on my back or shoulders where I usually place them.

Denise, have you tried one of the compounded pain med creams? Is it long lasting? Any side effects? Do you apply it where it hurts or is it something that just needs to hit your blood stream to work? Sorry for all the questions but I’d like to find out more about it if you could point me in the direction to look.

Thanks again everyone! As Yoda would say if he was a hillbilly (like me) “So awesome y’all are” :slight_smile:

I have help for you! My Mom had to use silk medical tape or paper medical tape to keep her patches on. And I had some patches that took my skin off, so I turned on the blow dryer for a few seconds to loosen the adhesive enough that it didn't take my skin with it. I hope that helps!

The cream is just applied directly to the area of pain and only a very small amount. Does good for me but can be very expensive depending on insurance so I only use it on the worst says

I use voltaren gel…in Oregon you need a script from your dr,I also had to fight my insurance pay for it…it works very well…