Fentanyl patches anyone?

My rheumy prescribed me 12mcg fentanyl patches to try instead of 30ml extended release morphine for my severe bone and cartilage pain from tearing. .had to order them from the pharmacy so they’ll be in Wednesday. .I’m excited about the prospect of my multiple muscular/skeletal injuries pain
being better managed for the long term but I’m also always a little scared to start new medications…I just don’t wanna feel like a zombie or overly nauseous especially because I’m starting IV Cytoxin next week. .I’m sure I’ll feel like crap from that treatment. . .I had fentanyl in my IV during my port placement and my hips felt awesome!!I couldn’t feel any of my labrum tears it was great:)but alas, 3 week’s later I’m starting to suffer from bone bruising with infusion so it’s just one more excruciating condition to endure. .has any one used fentanyl for long term treatment of bone pain??stories welcomed please:)xoxo

Hi Dawn, I,have not used the, but I would love to hear if they help you. I am on MS Contin,and one less pill would be awesome. I have heard that you just wear one patch for three days? Let us know.

I’ve used them. They’re great when used as prescribed. But at the time I abused them. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. But do your research. There has been some overdoses reported even during roper use. They do relieve pain for a good 48-72 hours without having to take a pill.