More lumps

So I discovered more lumos today! & they are huge and painful! Theyre about the size of a tennis ball, and are right by both my elbows on each side! I have to wait for the new doctor to call me and schedule an appointment! I just hope things dont get way bad before I can actually get in there! And theyre very painful! Uhggg…dont know what to do!!!

Hi Tiffany,

first let me say that Im sorry Lupus hasn't slowed down in its tracks (stupid Lupus)---

it seems like the breaks we get from bad news , the sips of good news is equivalent to the little paper cups offered to runners as they pass by...slurp...gulp...keep runnin...

and i don't have anything other than a little humor to offer either---

i wrote about it when doc told me to come back for additional tests after finding a lump after a mammogram...

anyway, it was the story about how my brother (may he rest in peace) cried and cried because when Kelvin didn't like his dinner one night mom told him to either like it or lump it...and he wanted his lumped. mom was baffled,; no one had ever taken her like it or lump it challenge.

when it all boils down to what we can and cannot control, what do we do?

You said, "I don't know what to do"

here, grab this water and keep running...i will meet you at the next bend in the road...

and while you think about what to do about lumps and other things that totally suck,

breathe....nothing fancy, just breathe, shallow or deep, doesn't matter...just breathe and while you breathe, notice that you are breathing...

i will get another cup of water ready go! Go! you go, are winning the race!

Hi Tiffany,

If you've got lymph nodes they can grow to different growths and they're actually cysts filling up with fluid...i've had 2 operations on my face to remove just one and now i have another forming again already....try and ask your GP to be refered onto a specialist who deals with them and also removing was the ENT department which did mine as i have TMJ disease.

You may find the link interesting regarding info on them.