One Less Thing to Worry About ;)

I recently had a Mammogram, my first in probably 6 or 7 years. When the tech looked at it she said they would probably be sending this up for further checking as something was showing up on it. I got a letter a couple days later asking me to get an appointment for an ultrasound and spot compression test for my left breast. When I called it was going to be the following week before I could get it done so I had all weekend to worry about it. Since we had just lost our niece just a year ago from breast cancer, that was on my mind a lot all weekend. I went in the other day and had the tests and has it turned out the spot on the films was just a lymph node and nothing to be concerned out. I'm not sure why a lymph node would show in the middle of my breast like that but she said that it wasn't at all uncommon to see that so needless to say I'm greatly relieved.

I go on the 11th to see an oncologist for a follow-up from a visit 6 months ago. When I had my first bunch of blood tests done for my Rheumy, there was a certain protein that showed up called MGUS. The oncologist said that it can be a precursor to bone cancer. Luckily it didn't show up in my urine test so I didn't have to have a bone marrow test done. She just said that if I start having pain in places I don't normally have to let her know. Well about a month ago I started having really bad pain in my left leg. I've always had knee trouble but never in my shin area like this before. Sometimes it's so bad I can't put any weight on it so naturally her words keep playing in my mind. I was wondering if you guys have trouble with bone pain from the Lupus. That's what I'm praying this is. I asked my family doctor about it and he "it probably because you flat footed" and asked me if "waddle" when I walk. I was a little offended at that remark and told him that I know I'm overweight but I DON'T waddle when I walk. He still don't believe I have Lupus because of my age.

I have what feels like bone pain. I have been diagnosed with MCTD. As far as I know, there is nothing else going on that would cause the bone pain. Also, did you have this pain before? Seems like you would have had for a long time if it was because you are flat footed. Hope you get some good answers.

Thanks MBPP. No I didn't have this kind of pain until the past couple of months. Just my knees, which are bad. Both have been replaced but still have a lot of arthritis to deal with. It really surprised me with his answer to my pain since he has been great at treating my Fibromyalgia. I guess he thinks you have to be young to develop Lupus even though my Rheumy said that's what I have, that and Sjorgens? I've also had the same weight for a few years now and nothing I do helps to get it off. I even had my mouth wired shut for 3 weeks and only lost 4 pounds.

Oh my, your jaw wired shut for three weeks? That SUCKS! I was in the hospital last year for surgery on my esophagus and lost 10 pounds in 8 days. Bad thing is I gained it back within two weeks. LOL Tell your idiot doc to look on this site to see all the young people with lupus. My first diagnosis was fibro and I got little treatment for it. It was only after I had blood work test positive for some stuff twice that I got my MCTD diagnosis. Maybe time for a new rheumy for you? Good luck.

Thx. It was my regular dr that I had problem with. My Rheumy actually figured out tbat it is Lupus. She thought it might be my knee causing the pain but that doesn’t make sense either.we’ll see what the oncologist has to say. Just hope it’s not that I needa bone marrow test!!! ; (

Oh yes the mouth was wired shut due to jaw surgery for bad TMJ.

angelwing, that is good news on your mammogram results. I've had cysts and lymph nodes show up, painful and tender, but nothing untreatable. The worst part is doing the mammo itself! The techs are often trained if they spot a cyst, to redo your mammo, with more pressure, and pop it. Lupus can create lymphadenitis anywhere in our bodies.

Your regular doctor and I would not be working together any more if it was me. I would be looking for a better fit, and stick with the good diagnostician rheumy. Unless, in all other areas, it is a great doctor I could trust. It's best to have a wellness team that works together, and with you. I hope you get good news from your oncologist, sending healing thoughts and prayers out for you. And if this helps ease your mind any, I have heard of people with knee replacements having shin pain, even stress fractures. Hope they have checked for that.

hugs, Louise


Thanks for posting this discussion. I had pain in my right ankle, on the inside that just wouldn't go away. My PCP gave me prednisone, and it wasn't any better. I even went to a laser vein clinic for varicose veins thinking that was the reason, before I went back to my PCP for another appointment. He ordered an MRI, and found I had a bone bruise, and they asked me what I had hit me because it takes a hard hit to cause this. I said I didn't have anything hit me there. I was referred to Orthopedics because that was just the start of my foot pain and the swelling. I also told my PCP about my hands, and wrists hurting, and he ordered blood work, and soon after I got a referral for a rheumatologist. So long story, short the bone pain led to my lupus diagnosis. And, two years later, I still have the pain in my ankle.

Hi Angelwing

I am 72 and I just got diagnosed with SLE 1 1/2 years ago. I guess it isnt common to get it later in life but it does happen.

I know what you mean about the waiting. I am lucky, I have all the symptoms except the pain.

Stay Positive.


I have had shin pain off and on for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it is horrible and other times I don't have it at all unless I bump a shin somewhere. There have been many theories about this so I don't know what or why this is.

Also, being diagnosed later in life doesn't mean that is when the lupus just arrived. I have been told by more then one doctor that I probably have had SLE for a long time and just never diagnosed correctly.

Learn more about Lupus-Ill be praying for you,God helps me. See what your blood tests say and the shin thing might be different but-I too had different things going on at the same time I got diagnosed -like 40- my immune system was acting weird-and diagnosed with RA you never know ask a lot of questions - wright down your thoughts and take it to your doctor-and requests answers -yes they don't know what causes these problems but research what works for you-- -this journey is sometimes good and sometimes I have got to learn to take it easy and not feel guilty about that. lov you we're here for you too, g

Thx so much guys! It’s great to be able to talk to other people who understand what I’m going through. You guys are great.

OMG I have MCTD too!! This all sucks and I get so MAD sometimes...trying to get what I can and cannot doo!! I had surgery on my neck too- had a 4- fushion done and I lost weight too since- Come on, hang in there you'll take that stuff off again! LOL I like my reumy so far so good-I just have to remember all the stuf f(like an idiot there's too much to remember) so I wright the main concerns-then attack her with all my problems. shes on top and bam gives me a source-a plan of attack- its different all the time-feel like a hypocondriac - shoulders legs knees face breakouts bazzar-your right getting the right DOC is crucial and a blessing!! talk soon ok, g

MBPP said:

Oh my, your jaw wired shut for three weeks? That SUCKS! I was in the hospital last year for surgery on my esophagus and lost 10 pounds in 8 days. Bad thing is I gained it back within two weeks. LOL Tell your idiot doc to look on this site to see all the young people with lupus. My first diagnosis was fibro and I got little treatment for it. It was only after I had blood work test positive for some stuff twice that I got my MCTD diagnosis. Maybe time for a new rheumy for you? Good luck.

What is MCTD? Just curious.

Mixed connective tissues disease.


What is MCTD? Just curious.

Sorry-MCTD-Miixed connective tissue desease.

It is a mix of immune system problems -I have RA-Lupus-SLE discoid-(face breakouts-nasty) it really messes with tissue in and out of your body-when you get rid of old cells the new ones mad are distorted and so the body overreacts or doesn't recognize its own cells.

HCM - is hypocardiomagally-(athletes heart) you heard of guys playing football and killing over-that's HCM inside of the heart is thicker than normal and pumping blood doesn't get enough oxygen and you can die from it.

I never ever- had this before I had RA and took all the meds for it-I even had tests ok,, mad? yes.

It started RA- the doctor told me there is a window of opportunity to get rid of RA - so they Bombarded my body with Mexatrexsate-steroids and humera-it was nasty-I blew up like crazy. and I felt and looked nasty. couldn't do anything I really believed that contributed to al the sudden having a heart issue Ive never had-I looked it up on line and it is a common SIDE-EFFECT-ok sucks! so luckly after testing I take a pill now-but still I cannot do excercising even playing ball with my girl in softball-literally catching the ball and throwing it the other night sucked-feels like I miss out on so much/I know I have to be thankful it wasn't worse but I have been so active it is frustrating. anyway Im not always like not breathing but during this season its harder- Ive tried to handle one thing at a time, RA does a number on the bones so main thing is to keep inflammation down-finally its under control.

I have leg pain a lot, so much so I could scream and cry if it would do any good. I had some minor surgery yesterday and they gave me Percocet for pain. It helped with the soreness, but last night my legs ached so bad , the normal pain I have in them, that the Percocet from the surgery didn't seem to help. This morning when I got up to take the dog out, it was raining I knew then why my legs had hurt so bad.

I understand, Blondie. I was going to have a triple lumbar fusion soon but now I am waiting until after the new year so I can enjoy Christmas with just the normal leg and back pain. This is a last resort now for me. Hang in there.

Good luck!