Can it get any worse?

So i told alot of you i would let you know what was happening in my quest for a diagnosis

well remember those lumps on my foot ive told you about? well i went to a podiatrist and it puzzled the crud out of him and his partner but they figured out that they were AVMs. Only major problem there's ALOT of them as well as soft and hard. now an avm is basically a tumor on the blood vessels. So he's sending me to go see both a Rhemy for LUPUS as well as an Oncologist.

now that's wonderful news seeing as ive been struggling to get around in school and stairs to me are EVIL so he gave me a pass but can't do anything else till the rest of the junks figured out

So it's a little much to be told all that as well as deal with school not be positive whats going on and im not even sure if i should be happy im closer to knowing whats going on or to be scared of what it actually may be

but that's whats happened i'll update you guys again when i get through my Rhemy appt my Oncologist appt and another Podiatrist appt maybe i'll be somewhere better than i am now


Hope you find an easy and quick resolution for this. We will keep you in our prayers.

I hope they can give you some good news soon xoxoxoxoxox

i hope so that and some relief

nothing is helping not my meds not wrapping not the bengay stuff i use nothing

i can't go into my walking boot to make it all ok because that will make the lumps go away and i have the appt with the oncologist tuesday at noon

any ideas as to what may help me get through 2 more days of school?

Well tomorrow shall be a fun day i have my oncologist appt at 12 and as soon as im done there my podiatrist wants me in his office


i know i keep telling my self just one more day just a little longer but today is just junk

anything below my waste is like a weak pain, my back in killing me, like so bad i kinda want to cry. I can't go home cuz i may be missing more days this week and that would be bad so im kinda stuck and want to give up

just evil evil evil i wish it all would go away that pain didn't exist and that i wasn't the kid that got handed the really bad hand of cards :(

i'll update you guys tomorrow on how the appts went

Sweetshortie, have you joined avmsurvivors? There is a link to it in the community list in the righthand column on the Main Page. Have the avms been treated?