I just found out magnesium helps stop eye twitching. Although any vitamin flares me I am starting this slowly every other day. Ingredients in vitamins flare me however I’m going to see if this works because my mom passed of brain tumor and seizures. So I want to rule out seizures.

i am adding mag to my night routine to se if i can create a calm atmosphere conducive to rest

I hear great things about mag, its supposed to help with all things that spasm. I also heard its good for sleep and mood as well.

This is sooo interesting to me! My left eye started twitching in july/august and wont let up! It does it alllllll day!?!?! I also started having migraines in sept/oct after never having headachds throughout my life! I wonder if a little magnesium is all I need? Thanks for posting, has me researching :slight_smile: