Crazy fatigue

this goes beyond my "normal" daily fatigue.

Friday, and again today the same thing..... I woke up with a horrible headache, and back pain and spasms.

I took my synthroid and my Adderall (which normally kicks in about 45 mins later)

I even had a cup of coffee (please, no lectures on caffeine!)

I had some breakfast, and still I can barely keep my eyes open!

I don't know if the back spasms are exhausting the rest of my body, but I am normally only this worn out if I forget my Adderall, or am in a nasty flare.

Other than raise the dosage, is there anything else to try?

You could be hyperglycemic, in which peanut butter, cheese crackers or protien would help you feel competely better. I used to he on concerta but the doctors don’t want to give it to me now because it is hard on the kidneys and liver.

It could also he as simple as dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of fliuds. I absolutely hate cold water unless I am bad off from being outside too long. Caffiene dependency is annoying too. I used to drink a lot of mountain dew amd if I didn’t have one, my headaches would be horrible. The doctor told me to make a thick pot of coffee and drink it to help with migraines. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you for what you do to cope.or help yourself. Life is tough for is and you have to do what is best for you.

Hope you figure out what is best for you and find relief. Good luck and I’ll pray for you. Stay blessed.

thank you, Destiny! :)

I am on tramadol for pain and it helps with fatigue. The fatigue is one of the worst symptoms because I feel like it never goes away and I find myself constantly saying how tired I am and people don't understand how you can sleep 8 hours and still be tired, so they take for granted how lousy you feel. The tramadol does help though.

Just a quick note to anyone that is sending me a message:

I just got a macbook air and I am still learning how to use it. I've always had windows and didn't really think that the Mac would operate so different. I see a message pop up on my screen and than disappear. Im not being rude and ignoring anyone, I just can't figure out where to find the message and reply. The messages aren't showing in my email. So Sorry! I'll catch up soon I hope LOL!

Hello Dear :)

I hope you are able to check this lol or when you can it will still be here haha! I was just telling my boyfriend today how tired I am and that I am so sick of feeling this way CONSTANLY!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU COPE AND DEAL WITH IT??!!!! I take tramadol and it does not help the fatigue ...I WISH :( ! Hope today has been a BEAUTIFUL AND BETTER THEN YETERDAY :) ! Talk to you soon


Im always tired but I am lucky that the tramadol (100mg) 4 times a day helps a little. It helps take some of the aching away and I think maybe thats why I feel that its helping with the fatigue. The only problem with the tramadol is that you need to take it on the regular for it to be effective. If you want to stop taking it you will have to wean off of it or just deal with feeling horrible for a couple days. I used to feel so guilty about being tired. I would see how active other people were and I would wonder if I was lazy or something. I remember just crying one day in the shower, when I felt so tired it was a struggle just to wash my hair. Now that I am understanding what is going on in my body, I don't feel guilty anymore. I give all the "spoons" that I have to my children, husband and employer. I really wish that I could give you an answer about how to cope with the fatigue but my answer was this website and the support that I needed. We are going to be tired, but not alone!

I also drink DD coffee with a shot of turbo! Every day! LOL

I recently had a similar experience and found out I had low thyroid, a symptom less uti bladder infection was malnourished and had anemia. I blew my mind that I had all that going on and just blamed it on the lupus. I guess what I am trying to say is see your doctor it could be a flare up but it also could be something that is just lupus like . Good luck :)

I am horribly tired all the time too. I can barely stay awake all day but at night have a hard time falling asleep. Lately I have more pain than normal. I have just be managing it with over the counter meds. I work 7 days a week and am starting to wonder if its worth it. Monday thru Friday at a desk job and weekends at the local humane society. I need one to pay bills and the other makes me smile.

When my vitamin D crashes to nothing, it can make me feel that way. Usually takes a while to figure that one out.

Also, I typically brew an infection/virus for a few days to a few weeks before I get the acute symptoms like fever/pain/vomiting/whatever, but until the acute symptoms hit I always get really hard on myself for feeling like an even bigger exhausted wimp than usual...and then a few days later the acute symptoms will hit, and I will go "Aha! It all makes sense now"

My fatigue is different now! I've had SLE for over twenty years and thought I'd seen and had it all!! But I'm now experiencing an extremely profound and prolonged bout of fatigue that I haven't been able to conquer!! It's now been five months of being completely house bound except for my rheumy visits. Nothing this far has worked that has worked in the past! It feels as if I'm stuck in the middel of a tremendous flare!! Continuing to try new meds and doing further labs. Should be going completely crazy real soon!!! lol Anyone else been stuck this long???

I have this happen to me as well. I hope you feel better soon. I wish I had some advice to make it better. Sending hugs your way.