Eye Twitching

Im not sure if this has been a discussion, didnt have time to scroll down,

but this past year, my left eye twitches very bad very often, My last MRI was

2 years ago, no brain tumor, because my Mom died of that, sister with MS.

My Point is I feel its odd.. Anyone else Odd like me???

Yup! Left eye too. It’s so annoying. :slight_smile:

Me too! I have always assumed mine was stress induced but who knows! I also get muscle twitches in my right thigh on occasion, coincidentally that area also has days where it is numb. I also frequently get the sensation of a bee sting on my feet. Just one quick painful sensation and then it’s gone. It happens about once a week or so and is strong enough to make me jerk my foot and look for a bite mark (which I never find). Very weird!

Me Too! And I agree w/ Roni, I think Stress as it does in so many ways, def. affects it.....When I am extra stressed out, it is BAD, I think others can notice it, but my husband says he can't see it, Thank God, I feel so self conscience when it happens, at least it isn't noticeable to others....BUT, I have found out the hard way that STRESS & Lupus or any chronic illness for that matter is a MAJOR FACTOR in how we feel & how our bodies react....Suzie


My L-eye and R-eye both twitch occasionally, my hand’s tremor occasionally, it is embarrassing to me when I am having a conversation with someone and it happens. Still not used to all this.

Oh My Eye twitches too—I always just thought I was stressed. hey…how many of us lupites were labled “spacey” or space cadets as kids? wonder

I always got in trouble for daydreaming but had no idea what my teacher was talking about! Turns out it was petit-mal seizures.

i think mine might be too...my son has battled seizures all his life and my uncle died after seizures started post surgery ---he never woke up.

and I feel like I am having little focal seizures at times...

Of course, I DID daydream! (Did I say did...I mean I still do,) but as a kid and even now I I guilty as charged. Especially after seeing Horton Hears A Who. I used to stare at the dust motes that floated through the sun beaming into my fourth grade class and wonder how many Who's there must be that we just never see.

I get them on the inner-corner of my right eye…but have since been able to recognize that they typically coincide with not getting enough sleep or the day after an extremely stressful day. :frowning: Yes, very annoying…