Lupus fog

I’m 19… I dropped out of college…work two jobs to survive and I’m trying to get my drivers license but I feel like lupus fog is tearing my life apart. Can someone please tell me I’m not alone on this…I get lupus fog almost everyday is that even normal for lupus patients? My partner doesn’t believe that I get fog everyday…and it makes me kind of believe I don’t either…

Well I could be your grandmother, but I have had lupus for many years and always had brain fog. Especially when you are more tired. It sounds like you are doing quite a lot so I'm sure you are feeling the fog! It is truly a part of lupus so don't feel bad.

Hugs for you!

Hi PurpleDaisy

I love the name. I have lupus fog almost daily and it is usually of an evening when the fatigue is at its worst. Is their anyway to change the 2 jobs into one where you may can rest more? Have you spoken to the doctor lately it may be time to change some meds. Maybe your partner can go with you to the doctor the next time you go. Rest is very important to us so is managing stress and eating right. I had a long period with little or no symptoms I hope you find the right combination of things to help you soon.

I'm 20 and also deal with a that fog daily. Sleep is very important, and there are a few things I've found very helpful to improve sleep that have also improved fog. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day is really important. It sucks to have to do that at this age when people are partying frequently and going out after work, but it really does make a difference. It's not the sort of thing you have to be perfect at all the time either -- I stay up past my "bedtime" with roommates and friends and certainly feel it for the next few days or so, but I always just go back to the schedule when I can. If you have any sleep issues, like insomnia or unrefreshing sleep, make sure to have them checked out/treated.

Don't let your partner's lack of understanding cause you to question your symptoms. What you're feeling is real and is worth recognition and management or treatment. I went through a period when I dismissed all of my symptoms and isolated myself from medical care because I internalized my partner's thoughts about my health. I ended up in the ER with an antibiotic resistant kidney infection.

I can definitely relate to the frustration and confusion about the lupus fog. I just really learned about it myself just a few weeks ago. I’m 25 and in college. These last few months have been very difficult. Especially when it comes to doing school work. I end up falling really behind, get stressed out which makes everything worse and the cycle just continues. I also work full time overnights and noticed the fog affecting my work. Overall the lack of rest/sleep does not help at all and really makes things worse, but it’s hard to rest when there is so much to do. You’re definitely not alone. As for your partner try as much as you can to not let their comments get the best of you. I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve learned that those that don’t deal with lupus themselves seem to never fully understand how much it affects everything in our lives. Do what you have to do for you.

Hey PurpleDaisy! You're definitely not alone. I wouldn't say I get it every day, but I do get it frequently. Even though I just finished college, I did have to change my major from Nursing to something of a different pace. Do remember, everyone's Lupus is different so what you go through, is not necessarily the same for everyone; and also, those who do not have Lupus or haven't really been surrounded by people who do, tend to have a harder time understanding what we go through and it can come across as making excuses and complaining all the time (which we know isn't the case). But anyways, you're definitely not alone :)