Location Vs stress

I live in SWFL and recently took a trip to visit family in TN, AL and SC. In south Georgia, I started to notice the pain was slipping away. The entire stay in TN ( 3 days ) I was pain free.

The ride from TN to Al the pain started to come back. There was lots of excitement and some stress building up. We had to reroute our directions due to road closed and seeing my elderly grandma that is always negative but I was excited because my family did not know we were coming on her birthday. The entire 3 days in Alabama I was hurting and using pain medicine all day long ( normally once, rarely 2 a day).

Again when I got to Georgia on the ride to SC the pain was completely gone. The 3 days in SC, no pain medicine and no pain. All three places we did site seeing and walking.

Just inside the Florida line, like when we could feel the sun, the pain came back and I was in a lot of pain again. The entire trip I worried that I would not have the money to get home ( long story but basically car trouble right before we left but I couldn't disappoint the kids again).

My sister and husband, think that it's stress. Why not the whole trip? Why just in Al and Florida. When I am home in Florida, I feel the best when I stay at home. Now whether it's the sun or just resting...I don't know.

Seriously, concerning moving to North Florida (so hubby can keep his benefits), Georgia or SC but wondering how my body will do in the winter. Is it really just stress or is the environment a factor? Waiting for disability hearing also.

Hello Dragonfly,

Different area's will make you feel different regarding climate with heat and coldness plus you going away you would be excited and less stressful but the 3 different area's you went to, to see family out of the 3, the climate of Georgia and SC seemed to suite you well by what your saying and also being pain free.

I mean i had problems off ailments which lupus causes regarding seizure's/strokes etc and i come from a town where it was factories and dirty air conditions off them, then 6yrs ago moved 7miles away into the country we'd only been here 2wks and all my skin broke out in big blisters and since then the lupus part as really showed it's true colours.

Well if you moved i hope your hubby can get his benefits and i hope you do well when your disability hearing comes through that's another nightmare for member's.

Love Terry xxxx