Large calcium deposits in joints

Does anyone here have issues with large calcium deposits forming in their joints (calcinosis)?

I already supplement my vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, and drink ginger root tea to help with inflammation. When the large joint in my foot acts up from the big calcium deposit found on xray, I have to go on crutches for a week or more. Bad back, no hand or arm strength, on crutches? Doesn't work out too well.

What has helped you? If surgery is found to be the last resort, what has your experience been?

Thanks for any sharing you can do.

hugs, Louise

Alright, no one else has this I guess? My podiatrist gets a glimmer of light in his eyes when discussing surgery as the treatment. But that will only help one joint, long recovery, and the deposit can re-form. Ack!

For anyone else with sore foot joints, one thing that helps me some are the slippers made to microwave and warm your feet. Made by the same company as the mittens. The company name escapes me, but they carry them at bed bath and beyond, but less expensive to order offline.

Going now, must hobble about the house and attempt a few necessities - bath, feed dogs, grab a quick snack of fruit and cheese, and fly by the seat of my pants the rest of the day. Something joyful works, creative is always a good bet.



I just got both of these messages about 1:00 PM EST on the 24th. I don't know if it is my server or what is going on but messages from here have been delayed for several days. The same thing on my regular mail too. I have been so disgusted with this high speed that I pay extra to have. Anyhow, maybe no one else has gotten this message yet either and so that is why there is no reply. Hang in there, Louise. I am thinking of you and praying for you and everyone here. love and hugs

I just got this one too! Hugs to you. My joints are acting up something fierce with my big toe and side of the arch causing me agony I fully sympathize with you and the multiple joints being impacted. I had cervical surgery in June which solved some nerve issue that weakened my arm. I feel blessed that the arm is improving.

I haven't been diagnosed with what you are facing, but have come to find out at times, that surgery can be the right answer under certain circumstances. I just would want to weigh the overall impact on my life, family, work and overall mobility. I love your idea of the warming slippers and will look into the company online and find a pair for myself. My feet, ankles, knees, wrists and fingers are taking the brunt of my Lupus - along with skin sensitivity and irritation.

Thanks so much for the slipper idea and I hope and pray that today is a better day for you Louise. Keep us updated on how you are doing and what treatment you decided upon. Sharing knowledge here will empower all of us.

Yes! I have had 3 surgeries and need a fourth. I get osteophytes in my back and joints Snd around tendons that have to be shaved down

The surgeries were successful by the way. I have hallux ridgitis ?sp) if both big toes. One foot had osteo necrosis and the bone was dead. They drilled holes to get old supply.

Melissa, I just looked up hallux ridgitis and wondered how you were diagnosed with that over bunion pain or gout. I am really suffering today and will likely call my doctor tomorrow if this pain does not lessen. It starts in the big toe and moves down my arch. Ice gives me some relief, but the naproxen, tylenol and gabapentin aren't touching it anymore. Ugh!!!

Sorry about your calcium deposits. People get bone spurs from that. If you Google "natural treatment for bone spurs", you might find some good ideas. I am not god on crutches, too weak and sore for them, so I decided next time I need crutches, I'm going to use one of these no hands crutches. There is a video on the right side to see how t works.

Thanks everyone for replying. I wish none of you had to be challenged. I've had spinal surgery, terrible arthritis and osteophytes plus disc issues were paralyzing me, am lucky, but have life long nerve damage as result of the spinal cord compression.

Shelia, going to check that link for the hands free crutches. Those have to be better than an accident waiting to happen!

Melissa, these aren't osteophytes, but chunks of calcium in my joints. The best way to describe it is like having elephant sized kidney stones in the joint. Glad your surgeries have helped. Awesome.

KRH, have you tried Epsom salt soaks for your feet? The magnesium is better absorbed through your skin than by supplements I was told, and I find that helpful when joint issues trigger muscle pain and guarding. I do my hands too. Some people do a full bath soak, but it doesn't agree with some areas for me.

I pulled out one of my mom's old health books, and read that vitamin K deficiency can lead to not absorbing calcium into your bones. Next round of bloodwork, am going to ask to have that checked. Scary though with a history of clots, so have to be careful. Vitamin K helps you clot properly, but is a huge no go if you are on any kind of blood thinners.


Louise .