Houston we have a move in date

Today I went to the 55+ complex that I call Motel Hell - because it looks like a reform school for old women- to check out their “market value apts.” Got the same old story about the waiting list. One day they will have a vacancy but they have no idea when - but it sounds as if someone will need to move to assisted living or …

Decided to go next door and check out the place with “luxury” apts sign. Once I decided that seven steps was not going to be an obstacle, I filled out the one page application and was approved in about 10 minutes. I have a move in date.

But here folks is the kicker - at the all ages place I get better design, a wooded view from my patio, AND my overall cost of living is lower than at Motel Hell. Some of their amenities that are included in the rent would cost me more at Motel Hell. For example, at MH, I would need cable to have access to the net. In the more expensive complex I can have Internet Access without having cable. That is -$100 from my cost of living.

At Motel Hell you can have a dog that weighs 20 pounds or less. Yea my friends know my my position on that. My car has already been attacked by a Doxie. I don’t dislike the breed but I recognize that they were breed to go down into tunnels to fight and kill badgers. My friend who rescues them had to reimburse her rural neighbors for an entire brood of laying hens. Her four Doxie killed them all.

The place that I picked allows larger dogs. As soon as I am strong enough, there will be an older rescued dog living with me. She will probably be a bad old girl too! I am partial to Labradors.

Move in date is in June. No clash with my classes and plenty of time to keep getting rid of stuff. Do I sound stronger already?

That is great news so glad that you decided to check out the luxury place. Such a difference, I wonder if that's the way it works all over? Treat the over 55 crowd badly!

I can just see you with a sweet little old lab who needs a home where she will be loved!

Oh yay Ann! I'm so glad to hear! Good for you! ::cheers::


It's great that you checked out motel hell and found your place. It sounds wonderful. I am very happy for you. The wooded lot will be relaxing to look at and being able to have a larger dog will make everything complete. I have three dogs, 2 malamutes and a husky. I can not imagine life without them. Now you have something to look forward to. Hugs.

this is great news!! I'm glad you actually found a place you like. Happy moving, yes you do seem stronger already.

Curious, whose dog and puppy? They are adorable.

Oh Ann, they are adorable!! I just love labs!

Oh yes...MUCH STRONGER....I worked as admissions director at an "assisted living" property (which supposedly had three levels of care) for five years and I could tell you stories...I am totally jaded. The average lifespan in a Motel Hell is 18 months.... YES, believe it or not... Get yourself a large dog and BE the neighborhood bad girls. I live in a small ranch house with my two bad girlcats who do not leave the house. I think they are angry about their confinement. They try to scratch my small collection of original oil paintings...they have decimated my leather couch..they even scratch on hardwood furniture...and you know what? I don't even care... I have water bottles and squit 'em when I can...But they were born to cause trouble---just like their "owner." We all know cats don't have owners--HA HA HA! Saw Santana tonight live...an incredible performance that was on the bucket list! Ann, you are doing great and I am proud of you! LupanCatwoman

Love, love Santana!! My 3 cats do a number on my furniture too, but we love them! My dogs are practically joined at my hip. Life would not be the same without them all! Ann, I love that your dogs learned hand commands. I know you will be so happy when you can be close to the woods and have a 4 legged old girl to hang out with!


That is so cute, I will teach my grandson hand signals!! The baby will have a dog that is part beagle and lab, Still a wild puppy, can't wait to see how he handles the baby. Baby is due soon, next few weeks!

I have a polydactil cat who has thumbs and she thinks she is above all of us!!

I love the dog story I can picture it all in my mind! I could never understand people that don't have pets especially dogs for their children. They learn about true love and all it entails caring for another creature. Both my married kids have at least one dog.

My oldest son sounds a bit like yours and he wasn't in the military!!

I feel like I am in a flare and I am so mad! Ther baby is coming in the next 2 weeks, my son will be 30 on Friday, he's the baby daddy. I keep trying to talk myself out of it Lol!! So if I don't make since sometimes my mind is disturbed!!

I am supposed to be at the birth, I hope I will be ok. It's going to be in the 90's here again I will have to hibernate!

What a lovely place and labs love the water. Did yours swim at all? I had a big black lab who would see a pool and run for it. It was emabarrassing sometimes, some people have a fit if a

dog gets in a pool!

They were like my boys...opposite personalities!!

Good move Anne, I hope you are still enjoying your new place, did you get your bad girl lab?