New Adventure!

So within a few months I will be moving out of my current apartment and moving into a town house with a friend. I’m so excited for this change. I was wanting to get out if my current situation and now I can! We are like sisters and I can’t wait for this journey. :smiley:

To top it off I got my electric wheelchair today, it was like getting a new car! My mom is gone or working a lot so now I can hop on that thing and go places! Like today I needed to pick up my prescription so I just rode up to the pharmacy. It was my first feeling of independence in a long time!

Independence is good. So happy for your life change. Wishing you the best life has to offer as it's Certainly about quality when you are dealing with lupus.

Hope it is all you want it to be. Beat Wishes Kaz xo

Good luck in your new adventure. Enjoy every moment of it.

Good luck on your move!! So happy for you.

I hope your move is the best oh by the way I have a wheelchair and I go and get my mail and go to family dollar or go and visit my neighbors I love my wheelchair good luck and god bless you