All moved in..... yeah..! hope everyone had great new years!

My mind fills with words,

My hand flies across the page,writing out my thoughts.

Another experience of breaking up has found me.

This time, I'm not crying.

This time, I'm only giving myself a day to be sad.

No more living in the past.

No more living off of memories that have been lost.

What's done is done!

It's time to be happy and move on.

Forget my past, start over new.

Burning the pictures,

Erasing the memories once and for all.

Fix the lies that were told.

Move on! Live out life, become strong!

No more tears and no more pain.

I'm done.

Now I'll hold my head high, no more looking down.

Life's beginning again.

So I'll grab hold, and never let go!

It's time to live!

The move was hard.. in alot of pain.. but worth it....luv to all...will have my grandbabies this weekend..

Hello Linda,

What a touching quote on how emotions are actually going on inside we and also how to deal with them.

I am pleased your move went sorry your in alot of pain through it besides your Lupus, relax with your grandchildren and enjoy your new home.

Love Terri xxx

Hi Linda,

What a blessed relief for you to have the move behind you!. I love reading your poems...they always express a lot of feeling and you are very gifted! Take care my friend...enjoy a rest and your new home. I am happy for you.